Excerpt: ‘The Spider’ Spotlights How Trump’s Presidency Helped Expose Jeffrey Epstein

But Trump’s claim to have taken the initiative in breaking off the friendship was disputed by one of the financier’s closest confidants. According to this person’s account, they were told by Epstein in 2016, “If people knew what I know about Trump and Clinton, they’d cancel the election.” Epstein told the person that “he stopped hanging out with Trump” for a specific reason. Before their falling out, Epstein claimed to this person that Trump had visited his office about financial matters. Epstein also recounted a story about one conversation he had with Trump. “Jeffrey asked [Trump], ‘How come you sleep with so many women when you are married?’ And Trump said, ‘Because it’s so wrong,’ ” according to this person’s account.
— Read on www.forbes.com/sites/lisettevoytko/2020/10/18/spider-book-excerpt-how-trumps-presidency-helped-expose-jeffrey-epstein/

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