Epstein Recruiter Accused of S&M Trysts: I’m a Victim, Too

For her part, Giuffre told the podcast Epstein introduced her to Oh in New York, and alleges that Oh was involved in abusing her during some S&M activity. “Rina was willing to do whatever Epstein wanted,” Giuffre said, adding that Oh was upset Epstein didn’t invite her to travel to the Caribbean with other young women he abused. Epstein cut Oh from his circle sometime after Giuffre informed him Oh wanted to join their entourage, Giuffre said. “I never saw Rina again after that conversation,” Giuffre told the podcast.

Oh admitted that she took Giuffre shopping on St. Mark’s Place for a “sexy” schoolgirl outfit after Epstein called her and said, “You would know where to go. Take her there.”

Palmeri asked Oh whether she questioned why Epstein wanted then 17-year-old Giuffre in school-girl attire. Oh replied, “I wasn’t asking any questions; I just did as I was told. You don’t ask questions. You’re not privy to ask; that’s rude. You’re dealing with a billionaire.”
— Read on ca.sports.yahoo.com/news/epstein-recruiter-accused-m-trysts-072743893.html

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