The psychology behind taking dirty money from Jeffrey Epstein

The psychology behind taking dirty money from Jeffrey Epstein »

People have a deep-seated aversion to morally tainted money, but also a strong temptation for the reward. When people take dirty money, this inner conflict is resolved with rationalization. And the power of rationalization is so strong that people will engage in elaborate cognitive gymnastics not to see the negative ramifications of what they have just done. Our behavior will shapeshift to protect our benefactor.

Research on conflicts of interest shows that, when confronted with the possibility that their benefactor is morally dubious, people will look the other way, selectively examine the evidence in front of them, and generally focus on whatever slim evidence remains that their benefactor has redeeming qualities. As Upton Sinclair observed, it is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends upon his not understanding it.

Albuquerque Journal
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Bonus: Is Ghislaine Maxwell’s Legal Team Leaking Photos?

*Facebook live* audio – Desperate times? Desperate measures? Are Ghislaine and her lawyers trying to spread the stench of culpability?

We think we’ve solved a mystery! Today we had a Facebook Live session with our Prince & the Pervert Podcast group due to The Daily Mail’s latest Epstein scoop.

The newspaper had come across new images of Jeffrey Epstein relaxing on his Caribbean island. They also included his assistant Sarah Kellen on the back of a jet ski piloted by the pedophile. There were also shots of his alleged “sex slave” turned pilot Nadia Marcinko.

But who was missing? Where is Ghislaine? Our podcaster Jen thought Ghislaine was the photographer because she was rarely without a camera and always close to Epstein’s side. Jen thinks the photos are being leaked By her lawyers to the media to put pressure on Kellen and Marcinko.

The photographer who took these images had access to the main building on the island, its cabanas and its grounds. In one of the images, you can see a woman and a dog walking in a courtyard.
Did you say dog? Yes! A dog! Is this one a Yorkshire terrier? Looks like it!

Is this Ghislaine Maxwell’s terrier Max? Who is Max?

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