A Notorious Dictator, a Prince & the Jeffrey Epstein Conspiracy


Prince Andrew is hiring a Chilean dictator’s former lawyer. Why? The optics of this are not good. Meanwhile, the US Attorney calls the Duke of York out for stonewalling the Epstein investigation. What…a…shock (not).
Plus Prince Andrew’s lawyer is an extradition barrister. Why is this so?
Where’s the duke’s (alleged) sex offender friend Peter Nygard?
We still haven’t found Ghislaine Maxwell, Epstein’s missing henchwoman, aka #JizzStain. Our podcasters need your help.
And why do we have merchandise? Get your Find Ghislaine Maxwell charity sticker here.
Listen to Bobby on The Jeffrey Epstein Show.
Shaun Attwood on YouTube
We are pleased to record @Rock the Nation Studios.
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Twitter: @lisaltait @ohreallytruly
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