Ghislaine Maxwell Firey Court Deposition

Listen to Jen narrate the Ghislaine Maxwell deposition

Ghislaine Maxwell Firey Court Deposition: As part of us covering the Jeffrey Epstein crimes,  we’re reading out the Ghislaine Maxwell deposition from 2016.

Yes, that controversial document she fought to keep sealed so it wouldn’t be made public.

Ghislaine Maxwell Firey Court Deposition

Sex toys in laundry baskets, school girl outfits, and thumping of tables, we read it all.

Join us as Jen reads the whole 465 pages.

Ghislaine Maxwell deposition

The rest of the Ghislaine Maxwell deposition readings will be uploaded for patreon subscribers but we will eventually release it to the public.

This is not just a story of sex and scandal – it’s also one of money, power, influence and connections.

Ghislaine Maxwell Firey Court Deposition

We cover every aspect of this sensational case. From the moment Ghislaine’s father Robert Maxwell was born in the former Czechoslovakia.

If you want to know the shocking truth about a global criminal conspiracy for yourself, this is your chance!

– Stay up to date on all of the latest news in this case with our updates and analysis from an unbiased perspective.

– We’re committed to providing listeners with reliable facts and commentary so that your opinions are what matter.

Ghislaine Maxwell Documents

Ghislaine Maxwell news

Our podcast gives you all the information you need, so when people ask about “the billionaire who died in his jail cell,” you are able to talk about it with casually terrifying authority.

We’ll tell you all about Maxwell every week on the Prince & that Pervert Podcast – available now wherever you listen to podcasts!

Our work shines a light on the injustice of Jeffrey Epstein and his associates.

The show exposes how this criminal conspiracy has victimised thousands of children and women.

Ghislaine Maxwell Firey Court Deposition

We also talk about other aspects of criminality in high society, including art theft, drug trafficking, frauds & scams.

Our motto: exposing criminals for what they are – in order to make them accountable for their actions.


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