A Notorious Dictator, a Prince & the Jeffrey Epstein Conspiracy


Prince Andrew is hiring a Chilean dictator’s former lawyer. Why? The optics of this are not good. Meanwhile, the US Attorney calls the Duke of York out for stonewalling the Epstein investigation. What…a…shock (not).
Plus Prince Andrew’s lawyer is an extradition barrister. Why is this so?
Where’s the duke’s (alleged) sex offender friend Peter Nygard?
We still haven’t found Ghislaine Maxwell, Epstein’s missing henchwoman, aka #JizzStain. Our podcasters need your help.
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Ghislaine Maxwell Firey Court Deposition Part 1


As part of us covering the Jeffrey Epstein crimes we’re reading out the Ghislaine Maxwell deposition from 2016. Yes, that controversial document she fought to keep sealed so it wouldn’t be made public. Sex toys in laundry baskets, school girl outfits, and thumping of tables, we read it all.

Join us as Jen reads the whole 465 pages. The rest of the deposition readings will be uploaded for patreon subscribers but we will eventually release it to the public.



Jeffrey Epstein and the Beauty Pageant

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We found details of the US Virgin Islands’ beauty pageant judged by Jeffrey Epstein. Time stamp 19:56

We can also tell you what the winners received as a prize. Awkward!

Plus there is the Department of (in)Justice report into the Epstein plea deal, which is an abomination.

There is also The Crown on Netflix & we see the merry band of perverts associated with the royals.

And oh the foreshadowing! Prince Andrew. Plus Ghislaine’s lawyers are complaining to the judge again. 

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Flashback: Inside Jeffrey Epstein’s Manhattan Mansion


THE Herbert N. Straus House, also known as 9 East 71st Street was Jeffrey Epstein’s New York base. It wasn’t the only building he owned, he had many, but this was were he lived.
So what was behind those famous double doors? 
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