Inside the Secret Love Between Scott Borgerson Ghislaine Maxwell

There are many questions surrounding the secretive relationship between Ghislaine Maxwell and her estranged husband Scott Borgerson.

Their marriage was so secret Maxwell had not told some of her family members. Even though it’s reported Borgerson dined in 2014 with the sex trafficker and former US President Bill Clinton.

In fact, when contacted by a Daily Beast reporter in 2019, Borgerson denied dating Maxwell and said: “Ghislaine is not at my house. She’s a friend—former friend.”

Through public records and published photographs, we take a closer look at their connection and the mysterious circumstances surrounding their reported union.

Moreover, we challenge the accepted line that Ghislaine Maxwell met her now-estranged spouse Scott Borgerson in 2013 at an Arctic conference, as our investigations reveal it may have been much earlier.

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Ghislaine Maxwell, estranged wife of Borgerson

Scott Borgerson founded an ocean freight tracking company in 2008 and served as the CEO of CargoMetrics Technologies, until he resigned in 202o due to fallout from the Maxwell arrest for sex trafficking minors.

He was reported as saying Maxwell had ruined his life and he broke up with her in a heated phone call from her jail. Borgerson now dates a yoga teacher and lives with her in the house he shared with Maxwell, near Boston.

In 2021, he was a no-show at his wife’s trial, but he did write a letter supporting Maxwell’s bail appeal.

According to The Daily Beast, Borgerson was intoxicated by Maxwell’s social connections: “Borgerson then saw an opportunity to brag to this acquaintance about a private meal he’d enjoyed with Maxwell and former President Bill Clinton. “It was lunch with just the three of them. He was trying to impress me. He’s famous for name-dropping.”

“Borgerson, then 46, relished being Maxwell’s plus-one, rubbing elbows with the glitterati and gaining entrée to the upper crust—including at a 2014 vegan dinner in Los Angeles with Clinton and his operatives and, per one Vice report, the ultra-exclusive Campfire retreat hosted by Amazon’s billionaire founder Jeff Bezos in 2018.”

Who is Scott Borgerson

Scott Borgerson was a prominent figure in the shipping logistics industry, having founded an ocean freight company in 2008 and serving as the CEO of CargoMetrics Technologies.

Before that, the father-of-two served as a U.S. Coast Guard officer for six years, reaching the rank of Commander before moving on to pursue his business interests.

We have reviewed taxation documents from early 2013, which reveal he was listed as being on the board of The Terramar Project, Ghislaine’s dubious charity, which means they probably met earlier than that year.

Update November 24, 2021: A source told Borgerson was dating a new woman in Manchester-by-the-Sea, where he and Maxwell had lived together for in the lead-up to her arrest in 2020.

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Scott Borgerson and Ghislaine Maxwell have long been connected in a mysterious web of speculation. The two were both also on the 2013 Arctic Circle Assembly program, which was held in late October that year.

While details were sparse, it’s likely that the pair had a long history together.

Who is Ghislaine Maxwell’s mystery man, her estranged husband of at least six years?

Why is he being sued by Maxwell’s lawyers and accused of money laundering? 

  • A law firm that long represented Ghislaine Maxwell is suing her brother Kevin and Borgerson
  • Haddon, Morgan & Foreman claimed Maxwell and her family worked to hide wealth while not paying bills 
  • It accused of ‘false promises’ and claims Mr Borgerson tried to ‘shelter Maxwell’s assets’ to dodge fees
  • Lawyers say they are owed $878,302.66
  • Moreover, after the reports they are divorcing. what does this mean for her money in their family trust?

Terramar Project Board of Directors

In a short piece published in March, 2014 on a WBUR public radio podcast, Borgersom speaks about the melting of the Arctic Circle, while listed in the description as a member of the Terramar board.

We reviewed The Terramar Project’s taxation documents from 2013 and they revealed Scott Borgerson was a director for at least six years.

Jeffrey Epstein Podcast img_2435 Inside the Secret Love Between Scott Borgerson Ghislaine Maxwell
The 2013 990 Form for the project.

At the time, in 2014, the Terramar Project was not well known, yet Borgerson did not speak about Terramar on the podcast. But in the information on the podcast’s page he is listed as being on the board of the Terramar Project.

Watch Scott Borgerson with new girlfriend Chris McGinn (video)

In our opinion due to the Terramar Project not being well known, it was Scott Borgerson who supplied WBUR his details, including the Terramar Project, as there is nothing linking Borgerson to the organisation anywhere on the internet, other than this short reference.

There have been allegations that the Terramar Project, a charity foundation, was a reputation-building project for Maxwell to relaunch her back into society after Jeffrey Epstein’s 2008 ridiculously short Florida jail sentence.

Between 2012 and 2017 Maxwell contributed $283,000 to her charity and she gave out during that same period $874 in grants. She closed the program on July 12, 2019 after the arrest of Jeffrey Epstein in New York. Tax details can be found here: 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017,

Jeffrey Epstein Podcast borgggg Inside the Secret Love Between Scott Borgerson Ghislaine Maxwell

Previously it was assumed that the couple met in 2014, but a photo of Scott Borgerson and Maxwell confirmed they had met as early as 2013 at the Assembly.

Terramar Project Board of Directors

Jeffrey Epstein Podcast 2013-artic-gm-and-sb Inside the Secret Love Between Scott Borgerson Ghislaine Maxwell

The photo shows a younger, some say plumper, Scott Borgerson at the 2013 Assembly, but it matches a corporate head shot used from 2011 on one of his former business sites, Catalyst Maritime.

Jeffrey Epstein Podcast scott-2014-headshot Inside the Secret Love Between Scott Borgerson Ghislaine Maxwell
Jeffrey Epstein Podcast url-of-old-headshot Inside the Secret Love Between Scott Borgerson Ghislaine Maxwell

In 2013, Scott Borgerson was on the Arctic Circle Program as the Chair of the Plenary Session 10: The Alaskan State of the Arctic.

Speakers were Mead Treadwell, the then Lieutenant Governor of the State of Alaska; Reggie Joule, then Mayor of the Northwest Arctic Borough, Alaska; Alice Rogoff, Publisher, Alaska Dispatch and Arctic Dispatch and Arctic News Wire and Nils Andreassen, Executive Director, Institute of the North.

Maxwell was a speaker in the Plenary Session 2: Climate Change: A Plan for Action, chaired by Olav Orheim, Member, Scientific and Technical Committee, Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation.

The introduction to Maxwell’s session was done by Alice Rogoff, who was one of the speakers in the session chaired by Borgerson.

Rogoff was mentioned with Maxwell in a piece about Alaska’s Iditarod dog sled race in 2014 and the relationship between the alleged sex offender and publisher Rogoff.

Scott Borgerson Terramar Project Board of Directors

If Maxwell met Rogoff before 2013 is not known, nor if it was Rogoff that introduced Scott Borgerson to Maxwell.

Trawling through the web archive of the Terramar Project pages, there is no mention of Borgerson as part of the board.

In the closest archive capture to the March 2014 WBUR piece, taken in October of 2014, he is not mentioned, nor in previous captures.

Terramar Project Board of Directors

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