Part 8 Maxwell’s Deposition Part 8

“What’s a sex toy. I need you to define a sex toy, I don’t have enough knowledge of sex toys.” – Ghislaine Maxwell deposition 2016.

This Ghislaine Maxwell deposition statement includes more sex toys, more photographs and of course more denials that there were nude photos.

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There’s also trips abroad on commercial airlines, how she found staff for Jeffrey and for her own charity TerraMar.

More about the deposition

Ghislaine Maxwell depositions
lol Ghislaine Maxwell and her rumoured husband Scott Borgerson

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Plus we uncover the Ghislaine Maxwell deposition – the woman at the center of the Jeffrey Epstein scandal.

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More Ghislaine Maxwell

This case is one of the most fascinating, complex and disturbing criminal cases in recent memory.

Ghislaine Maxwell deposition

It involves a global criminal conspiracy that reaches to the highest levels of power. But it’s also an story about friendship and betrayal.

And what do his connections to foreign governments mean for American national security?

These are just some of the questions we’ll attempt to answer on this podcast as we explore one man’s life through his death…and beyond.

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