Ghislaine Maxwell’s bail: A possible divorce and the Gov and victims say NO!

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Lisa read through today’s documents from the Government in answer to Ghislaine Maxwell’s legal team’s quest for bail.

She drills down on the details: why did she say she was getting divorced, why did she and alleged spouse Scott Borgerson tell their bank they were single, not married. 

And she reads out victim Annie Farmer’s statement about Maxwell. 

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French Model Agent, Epstein Pal Arrested

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Jeffrey Epstein’s former business partner, Jean-Luc Brunel, has been arrested in France as he was about to jump on a plane to Africa.

The Frenchman was Epstein’s business partner and is featured in photos rough-housing with jailed socialite Ghislaine Maxwell.

He traveled on Epstein’s jet at least 20 times.

Wow! There’s usually not a lot to celebrate in the Epstein criminal conspiracy but today is one of those rare days!

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Ghislaine Maxwell’s husband on Board of her Do-Nothing Charity Since 2013

Today The Daily Mail reported that Ghislaine Maxwell met Scott Borgerson in 2013 at the Arctic Circle Assembly, but our investigations found that in 2013 he was listed as being “on the board of The Terramar Project”.

Borgerson and Maxwell were both on the 2013 Arctic Circle Assembly program, but in a short piece published in March, 2014 on WBUR public radio website he speaks about the melting of the Arctic Circle and is listed in the piece’s description as a member of the Terramar Project board.

We reviewed The Terramar Project’s taxation documents from 2013 and it revealed Borgerson had been a direction for at least six years.

The 2013 990 Form for the project,.

At the time the Terramar Project was not well known, nor does Borgerson speak about Terramar in the piece, but in the information on the podcast’s page he is listed as being on the board of the Terramar Project.

In our opinion due to the Terramar Project not being well know, it was Borgerson who supplied WBUR his details, including the Terramar Project as there is nothing linking Borgerson to Terramar anywhere on the internet, other than this short reference.

There have been allegations that the Terramar Project, a charity foundation, was a reputation-building project for Maxwell to relaunch her back into society after Jeffrey Epstein’s 2008 ridiculously short Florida jail sentence.

Between 2012 and 2017 Maxwell contributed $283,000 to her charity and she gave out during that same period $874 in grants. She closed the program on July 12, 2019 after the arrest of Jeffrey Epstein in New York. Tax details can be found here: 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017,

Previously it was assumed that the couple met in 2014, but a photo of Borgerson and Maxwell confirmed that they did meet as early as 2013 at the Assembly.

The photo shows a younger, some say plumper Borgerson at the 2013 Assembly but it matches a corporate head shot used from 2011 on one of his former business sites, Catalyst Maritime.

In 2013 Borgerson was on the Arctic Circle Program as the Chair of the Plenary Session 10: The Alaskan State of the Arctic. Speakers were Mead Treadwell, the then Lieutenant Governor of the State of Alaska; Reggie Joule, then Mayor of the Northwest Arctic Borough, Alaska; Alice Rogoff, Publisher, Alaska Dispatch and Arctic Dispatch and Arctic News Wire and Nils Andreassen, Executive Director, Institute of the North.

Maxwell was a speaker in the Plenary Session 2: Climate Change: A Plan for Action, chaired by Olav Orheim, Member, Scientific and Technical Committee, Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation.

The introduction to Maxwell’s session was done by Alice Rogoff who was one of the speakers in the session chaired by Borgerson.

Rogoff was mentioned with Maxwell in a piece about Alaska’s Iditarod dog sled race in 2014 and the relationship between the alleged sex offender and publisher Rogoff.

If Maxwell met Rogoff before 2013 is not know, nor if it was Rogoff that introduced Borgerson to Maxwell.

Trawling through the web archive of the Terramar Project pages there is no mention of Borgerson as part of the board. In the closest archive capture to the March 2014 WBUR piece, taken in October of 2014, he is not mentioned, nor in previous captures.

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