Three Witnesses Place Bill Clinton on Pervert Epstein’s Island

A third person has claimed former US President Bill Clinton visited pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s Caribbean island.

Survivor Virginia Roberts Guiffre, Epstein’s IT contractor Steve Scully and now former Clinton staffer Doug Band have stated publicly the ex-President spent time on Little St James Island.

These accounts are disputed by Mr Clinton. 

Link: Vanity Fair 

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Ghislaine Maxwell Wants Bail & Secrecy

The prosecution in the State v Ghislaine Maxwell case has written to Judge Allison Nathan stating:

1. Ghislaine will ask for bail again

2. Wants complete secrecy around her bid for bail. No media & no members of the public allowed in the courtroom during bail hearing

3. The names of those putting up her bail remain secret.

We have a lot to say about this development.

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Ghislaine Maxwell a tale of soap and woe!

It’s a Ghislaine Maxwell episode. But before that we need to answer the one question people are asking us about her future!

In other news, Ghislaine is complaining about jail again, her friends the Royal Family are bleating about The Crown and we hear again how she desperately wanted to marry Jeffrey Epstein. 

Plus more from the US Virgin Island probe into the Epstein estate and Peter Nygard’s name appears again in documents.

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