Ghislaine Maxwell Firey Court Deposition Part 9

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The Ghislaine Maxwell Court Documents: the April 2016 deposition taken during the civil action for defamation made against Maxwell by Virginia Giuffre.

She’s asked about wandering around schools trying to find girls – which of course, lies lies lies.

Again Maxwell doesn’t understand words, this time she has no idea what a puppet is. So yes, Prince Andrew and Jeffrey Epstein feature in this part.

More here about her upcoming trial 

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The Prince and the Pervert Podcast is an Australian podcast with a global reach that shines a light on the injustice of Jeffrey Epstein and his associates.

We also talk about other aspects of criminality in high society, such as art theft, drug trafficking, frauds & scams.

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The Prince and the Pervert Podcast is a crime drama podcast set in the world of Jeffrey Epstein, a prince, socialite and billionaire, who may or may not have been murdered.

The Ghislaine Maxwell Court Documents.

Proudly Australian, our work shines a light on a travesty of justice which has affected countless lives around the globe. There aren’t many podcasts like ours out there – so if you enjoy crime dramas with an international flavour, then we recommend giving us your earbuds for an hour!

It involves a global criminal conspiracy that reaches to the highest levels of power. But it’s also about friendship and the ultimate betrayal.

What does it say about our society that one of the most powerful men in America could be murdered under mysterious circumstances while behind bars?

More of Ghislaine Maxwell’s Court Documents

These are just some of the questions we’ll attempt to answer on this podcast as we explore one man’s life through his death…and beyond.

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The Ghislaine Maxwell Court Documents

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