“He’s a Lot of Fun to Be With”: Inside #JeffreyEpstein and Donald Trump’s Epic Bromance | Vanity Fair

Beginning in the late ’80s, the infamous sex trafficker and the future president (and their mutual friend Ghislaine Maxwell) palled around for almost two decades. In an excerpt from his new book, American Kompromat, the author exposes their shared tastes for private planes, shady money, and foreign-born models—many of them “on the younger side.”
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#GhislaineMaxwell records unsealed — without salacious details | Miami Herald

A federal judge on Tuesday ordered the unsealing and release of dozens of documents in a now-settled civil suit involving Ghislaine Maxwell, the jailed and accused co-conspirator of the sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, but afforded the longtime Epstein associate a measure of privacy by ruling that salacious portions of testimony about her sex life will remain private.

The Tuesday hearing presided over by Judge Loretta A. Preska involved the release of documents in a settled lawsuit between Maxwell and Epstein accuser Virginia Roberts Giuffre, something sought by the Miami Herald, and the biggest point of contention was a July 2016 deposition by Maxwell. That deposition was forced on her after she was deemed unresponsive when she sat before Giuffre’s lawyers in an April 2016 deposition. Much of that grilling had to do with her sexual behavior and that of Epstein.

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A Story (Cowles) of recruiters, survivors & trolls. Ghislaine Maxwell gets a laptop & Prince Andrew a shock.

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A deep dive on Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein’s employee, Story Cowles, one of the most undiscussed of the duo’s workers who was covered by the Plea Deal Non Prosecution Deal.

Why was he constantly at the jail while Epstein served time, and was he dating Sarah Kellen Vickers?

Did he stay at the Vickers’ New York penthouse, the one that is causing an uproar with the neighbours due to it’s renovation?

We also look at a troll who was called out by the Daily Mail, and how the royal family are so desperate to discredit Virginia Giuffre that staff of Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson were taken in by her allegations. 

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