Nascar Driver Deletes Social Media After Ties To #JeffreyEpstein Exposed – #SarahKellen

Jeffrey Epstein’s “suicide” and the arrest of Ghislaine Maxwell are sending shockwaves through powerful circles across the world. Nascar driver Brian Vickers appears to have deleted his Twitter account after reporters starting asking about his wife’s connection to the notorious Epstein pedophile ring. Sarah Kellen Vickers has been accused in civil litigation of personally delivering […] (via:
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“After Me, Baby, You’re Gonna Be Ruined for Anyone Else”: Donald Trump Refused to Take ‘No’ From Women—And Then From America Itself | Vanity Fair

He’s with Epstein,” says Jill. “People ask me what’s he’s like. He’s very polite to me. He’s nice because I’m the gatekeeper of the contest.”

“Of course, he had no interest in me because I’m 30!” she says, and bursts into a cascade of sarcastic snorts. 

So here are Trump and Epstein, the Caligula and the De Sade of their generations, giving a private tour of Mar-a-Lago to George, Jill, and six young women. Epstein has been at Trump’s place many times, Jill says, and lives just down the road.
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It’s not Victoria’s Secret, it’s Les Wexner’s Epstein secrets

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Is Les Wexner from Victoria’s Secret being deluged by his own Jeffrey Epstein secrets?

A civil case has been launched against Wexner and key staff. 

Wexner gave Epstein control of his fortune, and it was Wexner who gave Epstein the New York mansion. 

What else was Jeffrey Epstein up to with Les Wexner’s money?

Plus government tries to suppress information about Epstein’s cellmate.

Ghislaine Maxwell wants bail and internet access 24-hours-a-day,

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Introducing Goodbye Glam Squad – the Erika Jayne Scandal

Welcome to Goodbye Glam Squad, the true story of Erika & Tom Girardi’s fall from grace.

Erika, the real housewife, who sings about how It’s Expensive to Be Me, says she spent $40,000-a-month on her glam squad to maintain her signature look.

But Erika & Tom are now broke, getting divorced & may face prison time. Did they fool the world? Is this the greatest scandal in real housewives history? Who are they? 

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