Epstein’s Indyke & Khan – gangland captains: Prosecutor

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In an explosive development, the US Virgin Islands today said two Epstein advisors “were captains of his (Epstein’s) trafficking operation.”

Indyke and Khan: In Attorney General Denise George’s sights now are the dead financier’s two most trusted and long-term consultants.

Richard Khan was Epstein’s accountant and Darren Indyke was the long-term personal lawyer.

The two are in charge of the dead pedophile’s estate and more than likely know the secrets of Epstein’s empire.

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It’s alleged by officials they are refusing to cooperate with the US Virgin Islands’ investigation into Epstein’s $600million estate.

Ms George said Indyke and Khan were key parts of “Epstein’s sham marriage operation”

According to the Attorney-General, Darren Indyke and Richard Kahn had “direct participation” in almost all of Epstein’s business operations and financial activities — including the alleged sex-trafficking network.

They allegedly facilitated forced marriages among his victims to ensure their immigration status.

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This bombshell is earth-shattering, so buckle up, it’s time for the alleged Epstein enablers to face the music.

Ms George sued the estate last year alleging violation of the territory’s Criminally Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act.

Epstein and his businesses had more than 140 bank accounts, from which the two allegedly used millions to pay for apartments, visas, tuition and “massages”, which was code for sex.

Who are Indyke and Khan?

The pair worked for Jeffrey Epstein for many years.

Khan was seen leaving Epstein’s New York townhouse with a Tiffany blue bag just hours after news broke of the pedophile billionaire’s death.

They were also paying Epstein coconspirator Lesley Groff after Epstein died.

Indyke lives in Florida with his wife and two daughters. Khan is like a virtual ghost on the internet.

“Darren Indyke and Richard Kahn categorically reject the allegations of misconduct made for the first time today by the Attorney General of the Virgin Islands regarding their purported roles in the so-called ‘Epstein Enterprise,’” Daniel Weiner, a lawyer for the two, said.

“The facts are clear: neither Mr. Indyke nor Mr. Kahn had any involvement in any misconduct by Mr. Epstein of any kind, at any time.”

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Jeffrey Epstein: image The Secret Artist

As the Ghislaine Maxwell trial nears, it is important to be vigilant so that only fact-based information gets out there.

Darren Indyke and Khan

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