Jeffrey Epstein’s “Indispensable Captains of his Sex Trafficking Enterprise” & the 140 bank accounts.

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The Epstein estate is churning through cash. Documentation from the US Virgin Islands reveals it paid $50,000 to the funeral home which handled Epstein’s funeral expenses.
Plus the estate is paying for cable tv, internet and phones in unoccupied homes. Plus his art and jewellery holdings are yet to be valued, despite it being 18months since he died.
All eyes are now on Darren Indyke and Richard Khan, the executors & long-term Epstein advisors.
Lisa also loses her shit at a man known as Scotty from Marketing ie Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison.
It’s another day; another sexual assault coverup.
This time in Australia. In Parliament House on a sofa in the defence minister’s office.
Plus more Ghislaine Maxwell testimony from her 2016 deposition in Giuffre v Maxwell.
Australian politics first, the Jeffrey Epstein from 09.18. 
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