Exclusive: Secretive Church Which “Owned” Palm Beach Mansion Buys at Epstein Ranch

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Is a 22-year-old who lives with his mother behind the purchase of an Epstein pilot’s Zorro Ranch home, Flying V Ranch?

Who is ALEX DEAN LESZCZYNSKI of Reddington Beach, the new owner of the section of the Epstein Ranch?

What is the registered charity Love & Bliss church?

Is this really the case or is it a part of a scam sale, which the two men know nothing about?

Just weeks ago, the Epstein Pilot’s family was using the Zorro Ranch in New Mexico.

Larry Visoski’s daughter Brooke in July 2021 became engaged at the Epstein Ranch.

The Pilot now lives and works in Florida with his wife and this is what we found out about him.

Larry Visoski is the Epstein pilot who shuttled high profile figures, such as Prince Andrew, President Bill Clinton, actor Kevin Spacey and model Naomi Campbell.

Plus why did the Love and Bliss church qualify for a coronavirus loan to cover payroll costs?

Why did the church also obtain the title for Epstein’s Palm Beach mansion?

Ranch documentation

The more we learn about this Epstein Ranch situation, the more questions arise.

Plus: Epstein owned 7 Paris apartments. Ghislaine Maxwell was tricked by a journalist into confirming Trump & Clinton alleged videos, Plus more!
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