Exclusive: Secretive Church Buys Part of Zorro Ranch from Jeffrey Epstein Pilot

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Is a 22-year-old who lives with his mother behind the purchase of an Epstein pilot’s former Zorro Ranch home, Flying V Ranch?

Who is ALEX DEAN LESZCZYNSKI of Reddington Beach, Florida? What is his Love & Bliss church?

Did Epstein Pilot Larry Visosky sell the land or was it Epstein and/or the dead pedophile’s estate?

Why did Love and Bliss also obtain the title for Epstein’s Palm Beach mansion?

IRS letter advising Love & Bliss of its tax-free status
Did Love & Bliss buy this property once owned by Epstein Pilot Larry Visosky?

Why did the church qualify for a coronavirus loan to cover payroll costs a few months before obtaining the Zorro land?

PPP records for Love & Bliss
The land owned by Visosky

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