Prosecutor Says Executors of #JeffreyEpstein’s Estate Enabled His Abuse – The New York Times

Trying to show that Southern Trust was a sham business is at the heart of Ms. George’s case because she contends Mr. Epstein effectively swindled the Virgin Islands by receiving the tax break.

The complaint said Mr. Indyke and Mr. Kahn “organized, controlled and directed almost every aspect” of Mr. Epstein’s business empire, including Southern Trust, which “fraudulently obtained” tax breaks worth more than $80 million.
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Jeffrey Epstein advisors gangland captains who organised sham marriages – law enforcement

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In an explosive development, US Virgin Islands Attorney General Denise George said today: “they were captains of his (Epstein’s) trafficking operation.”
In Ms George’s sights are Darren Indyke, Epstein’s lawyer, and Richard Khan, his accountant, who for some unstated reason are in charge of the dead pedophile’s estate.
The two executors of Epstein’s will are refusing to cooperate with the US Virgin Islands’ investigation into Epstein’s $600million estate.
Ms George said the duo were also key parts of Epstein’s sham marriage operation. These bombshells are earth-shattering, so buckle up, it’s time for the faceless Epstein enablers to face the music.
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Ghislaine Maxwell Channels Jeffrey Epstein in Bizarre Legal Defence!

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It’s a Ghislaine Maxwell special edition on The Prince & the Pervert Podcast.

The jailed socialite has been keeping her lawyers very busy.

They’ve written to the judge saying Jeffrey Epstein and his mother would believe she was innocent. That is, if they were alive.

It’s all getting very crazy, so we might as well try to speak with Epstein.

You will be shocked at what he has to say.

The feds are also saying Ghislaine has it much easier than other prisoners in her jail. We have the details of what she’s being offered. Plus our intern Professor Alan Dershowitz creates chaos for us.

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