A Look at #GhislaineMaxwell’s Life in Jail, And Why Prosecutors Say It’s Better Than Most

Federal prosecutors say that guards at the Brooklyn facility check in on Ghislaine Maxwell every 15 minutes at night by shining a flashlight against the roof of her cell to make sure she is breathing, conduct a body scan once a week to make sure she has no contraband, and conduct two pat-down searches of her each day
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Billionaire paedophile Jeffrey Epstein and his mother would have declared his alleged ‘pimp’ Ghislaine Maxwell innocent if they were still alive, her lawyers claim: The Daily Mail

Read here Jeffrey Epstein and his mother would have said Ghislaine Maxwell was innocent if they were still alive, Maxwell’s lawyers said in a court filing.

Maxwell, 59, was arrested in New Hampshire last summer before being charged for conspiring to ‘entice’ and ‘transport’ minors between 1994 and 1997.ADVERTISEMENT

In a court filing that argued the US government waiting too long to bring charges, her lawyers said the government turned to Maxwell after Epstein’s death because they were ‘left with no fish to attempt to fry’, reported The Times

Alleged Sex Abuser Peter Nygard Refused Bail: CBC


Former fashion mogul Peter Nygard was denied bail by a judge Friday morning in Winnipeg following more than two days of hearings and now faces possible extradition to the United States to face multiple charges of sexual assault. 

Justice Shawn Greenberg said she was not satisfied that the bail plan laid out by Nygard’s defence lawyers would ensure the former fashion mogul would not contact witnesses or have others contact them. 

Nygard, 79, has been in custody since he was arrested at a Winnipeg house on Dec. 14. He is accused of sexually assaulting dozens of women and girls over a 25-year period and faces possible extradition to the U.S. on those allegations.

#GhislaineMaxwell blames her arrest on Jeffrey Epstein’s death claiming US prosecutors targeted her as a substitute newly unsealed court papers reveal – Daily Mail

Link here. Ghislaine Maxwell blames her arrest on ex-boyfriend Jeffrey Epstein’s death, claiming US prosecutors are targeting her as a substitute, newly unsealed court papers reveal.

Her lawyers challenged the case brought against their client last July on multiple grounds in papers filed last week and unsealed Thursday with some redactions.

#Epstein’s Estate Says No One is Buying His Properties – The Daily Beast

Read here The compensation fund for victims of Jeffrey Epstein—which thus far has paid out $50 million to survivors of his sex-trafficking ring—has announced it will stop providing monetary offers because of “uncertainty about the liquidity” of the Epstein estate.

“Although I sincerely regret having to take this action, I have concluded that it is necessary to protect the interests of eligible claimants who have not yet resolved their claims through the Program,” said Jordy Feldman, the administrator of the Epstein Victims’ Compensation Fund, in a statement on Thursday.

“Issuing a compensation offer that cannot be timely and fully funded and paid, consistent with the way the Program has operated to date, would compromise claimants’ interests and the guiding principles of the Program,” Feldman added.

Photos #JeffreyEpstein cuddling a sleeping young girl on his lap on board his private jet after spending a day at Disney World with unsuspecting families

EXCLUSIVE: The Daily Mail. Never-before-seen photos show pedophile Jeffrey Epstein cuddling a sleeping young girl on his lap on board his private jet after spending a day at Disney World with unsuspecting families.

More: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9215741/Never-seen-photos-Jeffrey-Epstein-cuddling-sleeping-young-girl.html

Was Ghislaine Maxwell Behind a Break-in At A Survivor’s House? Plus Nygard & Prince Andrew.


Today’s episode takes you through the papers from the Ghislaine Maxwell defamation case.

Plus there will soon be more out later this week. Jen has more on Peter Nygard, an alleged predator from Canada, who also had a private jet and a resort.

Plus what is Prince Andrew up to in 2021. Will it be his year? (Probably not since the arrest of Jean-Luc Brunel)

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