Ghislaine Maxwell Faces More Jeffrey Epstein Charges Including Trafficking 14-year-old girl

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Billionaire Jeffrey Epstein’s former girlfriend Ghislaine Maxwell is facing new charges, including trafficking of a minor, in the latest development in the Epstein scandal, which has again thrown her name into the spotlight.

US Federal prosecutors charge that the former girlfriend of Jeffrey Epstein recruited and groomed a 14-year-old girl to have sexual relations with him as recently as 2004. Prosecutors filed new sex trafficking charges against former Epstein associate on Monday.

The two counts were added to six previously-filed charges against her and the Government has also indicated it wants her property!

Maxwell, the wealthy and glamorous woman who has been accused of grooming four girls for sex with Jeffrey Epstein.

But now she’s found herself at the center of an ever-growing and major scandal, which is potentially rocking two powerful men: former President Bill Clinton and former President Donald Trump. 
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Ghislaine Maxwell – Home Wrecker Life Ruiner | Jeffrey Epstein Podcast

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When Ghislaine Maxwell broke up with her tech billionaire boyfriend in 2011, she took something valuable. Her former boyfriend Ted Waitt felt the full impact of a woman scorned.

What happened when Maxwell and billionaire Ted Waitt broke up in 2011? Was it revenge that fueled her actions?

In this episode we tell you about the life and times of Ghislaine Maxwell. She is best known as a companion to Jeffrey Epstein but in 2011 she split with billionaire Ted Waitt after dating for more than seven years. What did she do next?

This is an inside look at one of America’s biggest scandals and some of the globe’s biggest names. Step inside the shocking world of Ghislaine Maxwell and her famous friends.

Plus in other news, two more billionaires step down from their wealth factory due to Jeffrey Epstein scandal.

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For a third time, judge rejects bail for #GhislaineMaxwell

For a third time, a judge rejected a bail package Monday aimed at freeing Ghislaine Maxwell as the ex-girlfriend of Jeffrey Epstein awaits trial on charges that she recruited teenage girls for him to sexually abuse. U.S. District Judge Alison J. Nathan in Manhattan said in a written decision that nothing had changed since her previous two rulings in the matter. Lawyers for the 59-year-old Maxwell, whose trial is set for July, argued that defense motions to dismiss the charges against her and an offer to renounce her U.K. and France citizenships were significant enough to assure the court she would show up for trial.
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#LeonBlack unexpectedly quits Apollo investment firm after Epstein inquiry | Jeffrey Epstein | The Guardian | #Epstein

Billionaire Leon Black, co-founder of one of Wall Street’s most prominent investment firms, unexpectedly stepped down early from his position as chief executive of Apollo Global Management on Monday, the latest in a series of moves following an inquiry into his ties to the disgraced financier Jeffrey Epstein.
Apollo Global Management announced that Black will be leaving immediately, citing health issues he and his wife are experiencing. The company had announced in January that Black would be stepping down as chief executive before 31 July.
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