Desperate Maxwells Launch Media Blitz to Free Jeffrey Epstein-Ex

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It had to happen – Team Ghislaine Maxwell  is protesting her innocence and her lawyers are getting busy with requests for dismissals and more! 

But we are not letting Ghislaine’s brother Ian Maxwell get away with his interesting interpretations of his sister’s life. Your podcasters are going to keep Tweeting at the family’s Twitter account, GMaxFacts.

The family may also be in for some shocks when Ghislaine’s trial starts in July. Why? We have read a lot of court documents pertaining to Ghislaine Maxwell, including her deposition from 2016, and they are eye-opening.

We have some real estate news on the podcast because Jeffrey Epstein was essentially a perverted money launderer. There is also more on the Love & Bliss Church, which owns part of Zorro Ranch and temporarily owned the title to the Jeffrey Epstein Palm Beach mansion.

Jen has some more Peter Nygard news and it includes Prince Andrew.

Plus this week we both went to a protest. Jen even organised one! 

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Ian Maxwell: relationship to Robert and #GhislaineMaxwell explained – and what he said about her imprisonment | Edinburgh News

He replied: “I don’t know anything about the photograph other than that I’ve seen it’s been published. This is outside the case that my sister is facing. And I know its interest to your listeners, but nonetheless I’m not here to talk about that photograph.”

He was then asked: “But do you recognise the setting of that? Was it taken in Ghislaine’s house in London?” Mr Maxwell replied: “I do recognise that setting.”
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“Desperate Royals are also lying to protect Prince Andrew” – Crisis Manager

Updated March 12, 2021

The Telegraph’s royal reporter Camilla Tominey and a guy who needs to call the FBI.

The Royals don’t play fair. Meghan Markle is not the only female to have fallen victim to vicious palace media attacks- so has a survivor of Jeffrey Epstein, says crisis communication manager Lisa Tait.

Ms Tait, cohost of The Jeffrey Epstein: Prince and Pervert Podcasts, said she’s seen the Royal family go on attack against Virginia Roberts Guiffre – who survived the billionaire pedophile back in 2001- and the Brits have shown no mercy at all.

“They go for the throat and show no mercy. They even made contact with an internet troll who has been harassing survivors for more than a year,” she said.

I know first hand how the Royal establishment lies. I have seen it with Virginia Roberts Giuffre, the woman in the now-infamous photo with Prince Andrew. When these people leak against you, it’s vicious.”

Ms Tait is an experienced crisis management practitioner. She worked for Hill & Knowlton in Sydney, has 10 years in-house PR experience, and is a trained journalist and a former academic.

Firstly I wanted to mention the original Epstein whistleblower, Maria Farmer. Maria – you were the first and we believe you,” she said.

She added Ms Roberts Guiffre was last year slandered by The Telegraph and its reporter, Camilla Tominey (pictured below), who didn’t contact the Epstein and Prince Andrew whistleblower for comment about claims the mum-of-three was a “prostitute”.

The British journalist reported, without offer of a reply, Ms Roberts Giuffre was a child sex worker who had “been on the game for almost a year.”

The Telegraph article. The notes are Ms Tait’s. Tominey pictured below.

Tominey reacted defensively when criticism of the slurs in her story broke on social media. Ms Tait was surprised by the tone of the reporter’s replies because she believed “putting negative energy out there does attract critics”.

Ms Tait said she also loved to see the royals this week on the backfoot, instead of leaking to hide Prince Andrew’s links to pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

Ms Roberts Giuffre has also been attacked by the royals and their spokespeople for more than a decade. They even recently engaged with an internet troll who had been abusive to the Epstein survivors.

Prince Andrew on accuser: “A very sick girl”
Source: The Telegraph

The royal family are survivors and they play hard, even against a survivor of sex trafficking, said Ms Tait.

Royal Double-Standard – Palace Protects Prince Andrew over Meghan & Prince Harry

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This week’s Oprah interview is earth-shattering and there’s more to come, according to the iconic tv host.

Meanwhile, the royals are shut away with their crisis people. We also love to see the royals on the backfoot, instead of leaking to their favourite journalists to obscure Prince Andrew’s links to pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. 

What is their next move? Oh to be a fly on the wall. Plus we have more on alleged pedophile Peter Nygard & Ghislaine Maxwell’s brother bleats on behalf of his jailed socialite sister.

And we try and ring the step father of the Love and Bliss cult brothers. 

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