Aides now fear complaints about #PrinceAndrew’s behaviour towards staff

Buckingham Palace is bracing itself for historic complaints about the Duke of York following the announcement of a review into alleged bullying by the Duchess of Sussex.

Meghan is alleged to have bullied staff while at Kensington Palace, forcing two people to leave the household and undermining the confidence of a third. She has denied the claims.

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FLASHBACK: Beware Princes Baring Cupcakes

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A flashback to April 14, last year, when Prince Andrew handed out cupcakes for hospice staff wearing no gloves and showing plenty of gall…plus was he indicted by a grand jury?

Also legal action is afoot to smoke out Ghislaine Maxwell & charge Epstein associates with racketeering and where is Ghislaine aka #JizzStain? Our audience gives their views!

Remember to watch the Oprah interview with Meghan Markle and Prince Harry set to air this Sunday, UK time. Is Meghan being used as a ‘dead cat’ to distract from Prince Andrew’s friendship and association with Epstein, Maxwell, Nygard and Jean Luc Brunel?

#PrinceAndrew helped deepen UK relations with Gulf regi…

The queen’s second son has held 70 meetings with repressive Middle East monarchies in the decade since the Arab Spring uprisings. Most meetings took place after Prince Andrew’s role as official trade envoy ended in 2011 amid the Epstein scandal, with UK diplomatic support for his Gulf trips…
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Better Bully than Pervert: Prince Andrew v Harry & Meghan

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In this Facebook live, Australia’s political rape scandal has left Lisa upset and feeling powerless.

But she likes to focus on the district possibility that Prince Andrew’s name will come up in the Oprah, interview with Harry & Meghan The Royal Family is ridiculous and this hamfisted attempt to distract us will not work.

Don’t they have anything better than “Meghan is a bully?”

Better to be a bully than a pervert.

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