Ghislaine Maxwell Ted Waitt

Ghislaine Maxwell Ted Waitt: Epstein’s alleged coconspirator was together for years with tech billionaire Waitt. 

That is until the stories about Epstein hit the press again around 2011.

The jailed socialite and daughter of media mogul Robert Maxwell, had a serious relationship Waitt, the owner of Gateway Computers.

Ghislaine Maxwell and Ted Waitt dated and some say were engaged from 2004 to 2011.

But one day she mysteriously disappeared & her name was not uttered again.

Why didn’t they wed? What’s the story? What happened to the New York City home Waitt bought for Maxwell?

We have the inside story from someone who was up close and personal with them.

This episode might sheds some light on a not well-known part of Ghislaine’s life. Why did Maxwell end up with $20million?

In our latest episode you will learn: 

• What really happened between Ghislaine Maxwell and Ted Waitt

• Find out why they never married

• Get the inside scoop on this mysterious woman whose arrest in 2020 captivated the globe

The untold story of Ghislaine Maxwell Ted Waitt.

Who is Ghislaine’s husband?

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Ghislaine Maxwell Ted Waitt
One of the last public photos of Ghislaine Maxwell

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Ghislaine Maxwell and Ted Waitt

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