The Jeffrey Epstein crimes – 5 arrests, Zero Convictions – Where is Justice?

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The Epstein “suicide” prison officers are avoiding jail due to a plea deal with the government. This leads Lisa & Jen to lament the number of arrests in this case – there has been five! The prison officers, Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell and Jean-Luc Brunel.

While we are on the subject…Sarah Kellen was a constant force at Epstein’s Palm Beach home. She was part-administrator, part-recruiter and part- abuser, according to court documents. Police were ready to arrest her before the controversial 2008 Jeffrey Epstein immunity deal.

Sarah Kellen photos

She was listed in those documents as one of the pedophile’s potential coconspirators. Sarah has been accused of setting up to six “massage” sessions a day for Epstein. She was the head administrator in Palm Beach, organised the logistics for the girls and the women caught up in the sex trafficking operation.

But first…more about the Bill Gates and Jeffrey Epstein friendship.

The podcast helps you make sense of the Jeffrey Epstein case. No outlandish theories here. We stick to the facts and vet our sources of information.

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