The untold tale of Jeffrey Epstein’s right hand woman Sarah Kellen – Trailer

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In this teaser to our exclusive, subscriber-only episode, we discuss a true crime story of deceit, cults and the missing years of Sarah Kellen. 

If there is a single word to describe the woman who was once one of Jeffrey Epstein’s Palm Beach chief, it would be “scandal.” 

After being cast out from the Jehovah’s Witness church, Sarah Kellen Vickers became entangled in the sex trafficking of minors. 

But The Prince and the Pervert Podcast can reveal what Sarah was doing immediately before meeting Epstein. We have found, in a forgotten corner of the internet, photos from her time as an erotic model.

Yet despite all this knowledge about Sarah Kellen –  who is she? Victim? Abuser? Coconspirator? Is she someone who makes bad choices or someone more complicit than that?

In this exclusive Patreon subscriber report, we will tell you about Sarah’s first encounter in Hawaii with a much older man, a model photographer. 

This episode is a sample of what you will hear over at Patreon from court transcripts, legal battles and other details about her life in Hawaii. 

Our Patreon link is and you can support our independent journalism for just $2-a-month.

The podcast helps you make sense of the Jeffrey Epstein case. No outlandish theories here. We stick to the facts and vet our sources of information.

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