Model, Reality TV Star and Epstein Aide | Adriana Salazar

Adriana Salazar
Adriana Salazar Fashion TV reality star

Adriana Salazar: Jeffrey Epstein was one of America’s most powerful men and Adriana Salazar was a Polish model with stars in her eyes.

Together, they were both accused of recruiting young girls and women for sex trafficking.

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The former model, now an accountant in Florida, was allegedly one of the core four conconspirators who helped recruit girls for Epstein.

Before that, she had some modelling success in the early-2000s and appeared in a Fashion TV reality show called Model Flat. She can be seen in this clip.

In fact, she was listed on the controversial Alan Dershowitz-masterminded 2008 plea deal as a coconspirator.

Adriana Salazar: geneticist ex-husband, who created “lab grown virgins”.

As well, she was at the centre of another claims about allegedly removing some of Epstein’s computers before a law enforcement raid, according to statements made to police.

In fact, when police raided Epstein’s Palm Beach home, they found signs of computers but none of the hardware.  

Salazar, according to Epstein staff, had managed to get them out of the house before authorities arrived.

Adriana Salazar, then Adriana Ross, started working for Jeffrey Epstein in approximately 2002.

This was just after her Model Flat television stint in Miami.

Salazar has been hiding in plain sight in Miami, Florida, since Epstein died in 2019.

Adriana Mucinska

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Adriana Mucinska
Adriana Mucinska, later Ross, now Salazar. Source: Agent Hades Twitter

Adriana Salazar

The last public sighting of her was in 2019 when she fled the media in tears outside a church in Miami.

Her name crops up in Epstein-related legal depositions over the years but, as Agent Hades states, Adriana hasn’t said much.

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Adriana Mucinska

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Adriana Mucinska

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