How I Worked For Creep Epstein -Lesley Taylor

Jeffrey Epstein’s alleged secret keeper, Lesley Taylor, is exclusively answering our questions, including about the day the FBI knocked on her door.

Lesley Taylor, also known as Lesley Groff: This is the first time Epstein’s assistant of 20 years has spoken to media, apart from a media release last year.

It comes on the heels of an Epstein survivor named Sarah Ransome, dropping a civil suit against Lesley Taylor Groff, so she could receive compensation from the Epstein estate.

We have exclusive information from the mother-of-one, who now lives with her husband in a Connecticut town.

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This is the story of Lesley Taylor , one of the women behind Jeffrey Epstein.

She worked for the dead pedophile for twenty years.

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Lesley Taylor Groff (in white), husband Ike Groff and a relative

We are seeking to understand Lesley’s situation with Jeffrey Epstein.

In this podcast, we go beyond the one-dimensional portrayal of these women as heartless recruiters. The issue is far more complicated and we don’t make excuses for anyone.

Lesley Taylor 

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Lesley Taylor 

Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein were two of the most talked about people in America this week, but we are here to bust some myths.

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But it’s also an story about friendship and betrayal, at a fundamental level.

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This case is one of the most fascinating, complex and disturbing criminal cases in recent memory.

Lesley Taylor 

And what do the Epstein Maxwell connections to foreign governments mean for American national security?

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