Adam Perry Lang: Jeffrey Epstein’s Celebrity Chef

The stakes are high for Jeffrey Epstein chef Adam Perry Lang.

Up until now, the 53-year-old has been claiming to know nothing about the billionaire’s crimes.

Tweet by Epstein survivor Virginia Giuffre

From New York, Paris and The Caribbean, Adam Perry Lang crisscrossed the globe on Jeffrey Epstein’s planes with VIPs such as Bill Clinton.

While not accused of any sexual impropriety, the barbecue expert was said to have worked for the dead billionaire pedophile from 1999 to 2002.

In an article joining the dots between Epstein’s and Perry Lang, Eater’s Greg Morabito states: “(Pilot) Rodgers explicitly lists Lang as a passenger along with Epstein and Maxwell on six flights between 2000 and 2001. He details a trip in May of 2001 from Teterboro Airport to Palm Beach, where the passengers were Epstein, Maxwell, Lang.”

Best friend of Jimmy Kimmel, the restauranteur famous for his take on American barbecue says he is assisting the Federal investigation.

This is despite claiming in 2020 to know nothing about Epstein’s abuse of girls and young women.

Adam Perry Lang

According to Epstein survivor Virginia Giuffre, Adam Perry Lang knew the food preferences of frequent visitors to Epstein’s properties.

There were naked girls inside and outside the house, she says. Perry Lang served them “iced tea, water and fruit platters.”

The chef’s cooperation would be a key tool for not only Giuffre’s upcoming court case with lawyer Alan Dershowitz, but the federal case against Ghislaine Maxwell.

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In a comment to The Daily Beast, Lang’s attorney Lawrence Lustberg said the chef was cooperating with prosecutors investigating Epstein’s sex ring.

He had also contacted Giuffre’s lawyer and offered Lang’s assistance, though no conversation had taken place.

In 2020, Lang would not agree to meet Ms Giuffre but provided the following statement:

“I have profound sympathy and admiration for the brave women who have come forward and made public Jeffery Epstein’s heinous crimes.

I understand the interest in the time I spent working as a chef for Jeffrey Epstein and I am working with the lawyers representing Virginia Roberts Giuffre to provide whatever assistance I can.

It pains me that I cannot provide the confirmation that you seek here, but I cannot attest to what I did not witness or cannot recall.

That said, I want to be clear that I never saw sexual activity or nudity and was never aware of underage girls. I was never told of nor saw any of the depraved acts committed by Epstein and his friends.

I primarily spent my time in the kitchen. Any account other than this is emphatically untrue.”

Is he saying Virginia is a liar?

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The chef now runs an upscale restaurant in Los Angeles and another in Orange County.

He told me, ‘Know your self-worth. This is my name, and I’ve worked hard to build my career, and if it’s not good enough, people aren’t going to have it.’”

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