Royal Faces Spectre of Testifying in US Court: Prince Andrew Epstein

Prince Andrew Epstein: The High Court in London will formally contact the embattled Prince Andrew about allegations of sexual assault filed in the US.

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Lawyers for Virginia Giuffre, who has accused the Duke of York of sexual assault, requested the High Court contact the prince about the civil case launched in New York.

The prince’s lawyers argued this week that he had not been properly served notice of the case.

The UK’s High Court initially rejected a request for service, citing an issue with the application.

Prince Andrew and Virginia Guiffre

It later said: “The lawyers acting for Ms Giuffre have now provided further information to the High Court, and the High Court has accepted the request for service under the Hague Service Convention.

“The legal process has not yet been served but the High Court will now take steps to serve under the convention, unless service is arranged by agreement between the parties.”

An agreement between British and US courts means the High Court is now under obliged to find the most practical way to serve the Giuffre case on Prince Andrew.

A woman who was once a  scared 17 year old girl who was allegedly trafficked to a prince now has all the power. That is the thing about them tables, they turn

Andrew has a big team of lawyers in the UK nd the USA. The legal fees must be astronomical.

During a phone conference this week, the Duke’s lawyer Andrew Brettler also described the case against the prince as “baseless, non-viable [and] potentially unlawful”.

Prince Andrew Epstein

He told the court a 2009 settlement between Ms Giuffre and sex offender Jeffrey Epstein had released the prince from “any and all liability”.

Ms Giuffre, now 38, was an accuser of Jeffrey Epstein, claims she was sexually assaulted by the prince at three locations, including New York City.

She plans to call two witnesses who allegedly saw her with the Prince. The Duke of York has denied the claims and says he has never met his accuser.

Prince Andrew Epstein

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