Brooke Visoski’s Engagement at the Creepy Epstein Ranch

Brooke Visoski: As the daughter of an Epstein pilot celebrates her engagement with fiancée Brody Monceaux, there is something jarring about the image.

The photo, taken at Captain Larry Visoski’s gifted parcel of land on pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s Zorro compound, showcases an arid backdrop near Stanley, New Mexico.

Moreover, the desert surrounding Epstein’s creepy “baby-making” ranch looms large in the background of Brooke Visoski’s celebration shot.

The Epstein portion of the site was integral to his international sex trafficking operation. In addition, many females are claiming to have been abused by the pedophile at Zorro Ranch.

Jeffrey Epstein Podcast 08709A9E-3D25-4A26-9798-1951F5D44120 Brooke Visoski’s Engagement at the Creepy Epstein Ranch
Brooke and her fiancee

Brooke Visoski: does she know the history of the site?

Well she does now because in August 2021 we asked her. She was not amused.

Her father also testified at Ghislaine Maxwell’s trial that his daughters went horse riding on Epstein’s ranch with the convicted sex trafficker.

Jeffrey Epstein Podcast 074C39D7-A009-45B7-8547-C9582569FB8E-641x1024 Brooke Visoski’s Engagement at the Creepy Epstein Ranch
Source: Reddit user Double_ Blackberry_64

Furthermore, celebrations in New Mexico are a Visoski family tradition. Brooke’s sister Taylor married there in 2017 in a lavish celebration at the ranch.

The day included photos of the couple outside Epstein’s main house, the place where many of the Epstein rapes took place.

Jeffrey Epstein Podcast image Brooke Visoski’s Engagement at the Creepy Epstein Ranch
Larry Visoski and daughter Taylor

Earlier this year, we asked Brooke and her father for comment about the family celebrations. It did not go well.

The Pilot, known as Big Dawg, refused to answer and secondly his daughter replied with threats.

Jeffrey Epstein Podcast img_1579-781x1024 Brooke Visoski’s Engagement at the Creepy Epstein Ranch
Brooke Visoski’s response
Jeffrey Epstein Podcast 882F005D-4BB4-4A47-BC04-02744E5F5D72 Brooke Visoski’s Engagement at the Creepy Epstein Ranch
Our Questions to Brooke Visoski

Brooke had close connections with Epstein and Maxwell.

Her father told Ghislaine Maxwell’s trial Epstein paid for his daughters’ high school fees. Plus the girls went horse riding at Zorro with the former socialite.

Source: Kate Briquelet The Daily Beast.

Jeffrey Epstein Podcast D9CD70AC-D2FF-475A-A1F0-FDDB8B85F88B Brooke Visoski’s Engagement at the Creepy Epstein Ranch

The pilot revealed in the court that Maxwell seemed like a nice person.

“Did you ever let your daughter give Mr. Epstein a massage,” prosecutor Maureen Comey asked. “No,” Visoski said.

Larry Visoski shuttled high profile figures, such as Prince Andrew, President Bill Clinton, actor Kevin Spacey, President Donald Trump, and model Naomi Campbell.

In addition, the veteran pilot now lives in Florida with his wife.

Survivor Virginia Giufree told Broken podcast: “Larry Visoski had wealth of knowledge is about Jeffrey Epstein and that’s why he was treated well. Larry Visoski always kept his mouth shut.”

Jeffrey Epstein Podcast 1D20A2C3-465D-4FB7-91EB-3F4DAEE67ED0-687x1024 Brooke Visoski’s Engagement at the Creepy Epstein Ranch
Brooke at the ranch source Instagram

Brooke Visoski

In 2011, the pilot told the court he had flown into the Zorro Ranch Road site countless times.

As well, the site features in some creepy stories:

Epstein reportedly told scientists he planned to turn Zorro Ranch into an epicenter for baby-making with fertility clinics and birthing rooms. His ambitions to use his New Mexico ranch as a base where women would be inseminated with his sperm and would give birth to his babies, according to two award-winning scientists and an adviser to large companies and wealthy individuals.

The New York Times

Finally, the main Epstein property near where Brooke became engaged is for sale for $27million.

Brooke Visoski

In her online biography, Brooke says she is a military intelligence officer and served overseas for the army, as did her fiancée.

If we had the chance, however, we would ask her father how he felt when he learnt what Epstein did to girls on his planes.

As well, Brooke marries in 2022 but it will not be at the New Mexico Ranch. Thank goodness.

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