Robert Maxwell, Epstein & the Magician Fraudster

One of these controversial Maxwell-linked men was found dead at the base of a cliff

The French police told The Daily Mail in 2022 that Ghislaine Maxwell’s brother-in-law was fatally injured in France at the bottom of a 100ft drop.

They confirmed Al Seckel died from suicide. He was Isabel Maxwell’s ”husband”, but was married to at least one other woman.

But there is way more than this. Buckle up!

Robert Maxwell: Daughters of fraudster media baron Robert Maxwell are attracted to some flamboyant and controversial men.

But now there is another shifty beau in the family, one who was a bigamist, conman and an optical illusionist.
His name was Al Seckel and he was supposedly married to Ghislaine’s sister Isabel.

The other mystery son-in-law

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The baby of the Maxwell siblings, Ghislaine

Robert Maxwell Daughters

While the most notorious family ex is Jeffrey Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell’s “friend”, followed closely by the family patriarch and conartist extraordinaire, Robert Maxwell.

Here’s the twist – Al Seckel was mates with Jeffrey Epstein. I kid you not.

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Isabel’s lover told anyone who would listen that he was a cognitive neuroscientist.

Right from the start, he had a plan. He would study the sciences, but without ever going to school.

Robert Maxwell – his daughter & Al Seckel

He took up residency in the libraries of Southern California universities and assumed the look of a friendly graduate student.

Al was able to pass himself off as an expert in his subject – optical illusions – and was known to call himself a cognitive neuroscientist. Even though, again, he had no degree.

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At some point, Al became bored with being benignly devious and decided to become a full time con man.

Everything you need to know about Epstein’s magician by Undeceive, Tom McIver

Update: researcher Tom McIver contacted us after seeing this post. He told us this about Al Seckel:

Many people who knew him still believe he faked his death, while others speculate suicide or even murder. All information about his disappearance and alleged death has come from Isabel, directly or indirectly.

Tom McIver, Undecieve

Mr McIver knew Seckle and in the 1980s the fraudster attempted to sue the researcher.

One of the things Seckel liked doing most was getting on stage with academics, pretending they were all equals and experts in their fields, when really Al didn’t have any qualifications.

According to an excellent article in Tablet: ”Seckel first met Isabel Maxwell on a blind date. They married around 2007—“I don’t keep the dates in my head,” he told the reporter.

But Seckel was reportedly wedded to two women other than the twin daughter of Robert Maxwell.

At some point, he met Epstein and the two reportedly bonded over their mutual love of science. Or fraud.

Al hosted a “scientific conference” on Jeffrey Epstein’s private island and by all accounts was close to the dead pedophile.

If you dig back into the web archive, there is a blogpost of a pretentious discussion about science between Epstein & Seckel. The billionaire had a website back in the day, in an attempt to rehabilitate his image.

Nothing else mattered to Seckel except for the applause from an audience and the almighty dollar.

He railed against pseudoscience but was a con-man extraordinaire, leaving a string of debt and wives across America.

Robert Maxwell & daughter Isabel

Al fled America with Isabel Maxwell and left behind a string of debt, court actions and a bankruptcy.

According to Tablet: ”It is remarkably easy to find people who believe Seckel took their money.”

Seckel died in 2015 under mysterious circumstances, it was said he fell off a cliff near his French chateau. His death has been shrouded in mystery and there are people who believe he is alive.

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The Maxwell family has an unfortunate history when it comes to sudden and unexpected deaths. 

Their father also died from a suspected suicide in 1991. As we all know, Epstein is dead and was possibly murdered. Allegedly.

Or was it suicide?

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