The Epstein Affair & Ghislaine’s Broadway Debut

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Ghislaine Maxwell update: the truth about her connections to the rich and famous.

The Epstein Affair
The photo that shocked the world

The Epstein Affair: New episode – Ghislaine Maxwell’s trial is coming, while disgraced fashion designer Peter Nygard & his friend Prince Andrew face reckonings.

Ghislaine Maxwell, the Broadway Show is here. Strangely enough.

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So the storm is coming. The list of powerful people being brought down by their crimes continues to grow.

Ghislaine Maxwell stands trial next month and Peter Nygárd, a disgraced fashion designer with ties to convicted sex trafficker Epstein, is also facing extradition charges.

The Epstein affair is blowing up in the faces of those who knew the true nature of the dead pedophile’s operation.

Peter Nygárd is accused in Canada and the US of running an international child sex abuse ring.

Prince Andrew is being sued for his alleged involvement in this whole escapade. The Duke of York has found himself in the center of an international sex trafficking scandal.

The Epstein Affair

Plus another billionaire, Leon Black, may have some explaining do in another civil court.

It’s clear now these powerful people are not immune from facing consequences, even if they’re rich as hell!

The list of those in trouble keeps growing by the day.

It is no secret that we are living in a time of change. So who is next? Is the beast finally being brought to justice?

News: The Epstein Affair

Who are the people who helped Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell?

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