Ghislaine Maxwell Attorneys: Are We On Their Burn List

Ghislaine Maxwell Attorneys : the former socialite’s lawyers want to bar potential jurors who have read our Epstein Book from serving on the jury for her upcoming trial.

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Epstein’s Other Women was written by journalist and podcaster Lisa Tait about the other women in Epstein’s life.

But the book, which barely mentions the jailed socialite, is on a banned reading list for potential jurors, made by the defence lawyers.

The Ghislaine Maxwell attorneys are worrying the publication, Epstein’s Other Women, will prejudice a jury in her upcoming trial.

Below is the submission her legal team sent last week to Judge Allison Nathan. Epstein’s Other Women is circled in red.

Ghislaine Maxwell family

Lawyers have told Judge Nathan were worried about the jury pool being subjected to pre-trial publicity from podcasts as well.

The submission also stated there were 4million items on Google about Ghislaine Maxwell.

Her team is particularly concerned about information concerning Epstein’s 2008 Florida sex abuse case.

They believe the vast publicity associated with Jeffrey Epstein could impact their client.

Ghislaine Maxwell Attorneys

But you can find our book here

The weird thing about the request concerning our book is it hasn’t been in publication for about six months.

Plus, it barely mentions Ghislaine because primarily details the stories of Epstein’s other women.

Our Epstein book focuses on:

  1. Assistant Lesley Groff
  2. Dr Eva Andersson-Dubin
  3. Sarah Kellen Vickers
  4. Nadia Marcinkova

Ghislaine Maxwell’s trial

Ghislaine Maxwell is facing serious jail time.

– Will alleged sex slave procurer Ghislaine Maxwell break under the pressure?

– The Prince and the Pervert Podcast: 

Who’s next in this human trafficking scandal?

Ghislaine Maxwell family
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The date is looming for the long-awaited Trial on November 28.

Ghislaine Maxwell trial: Who is the jailed socialite?

Start here for everything you need to know about Epstein’s sex trafficking and money laundering.

As Ghislaine’s trial nears, it is important for us to be vigilant so that only fact-based information gets out there.

Ghislaine Maxwell Attorneys

Her controversial father Robert Maxwell

Ghislaine Maxwell Lawyers: in damage control mode.

How did their baby sister, socialite daughter of disgraced British media mogul Robert Maxwell, be arrested & charged with sex trafficking?

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The answer may certainly be in her past. It’s a history of her family’s shady dealings, hiding from the media, posting bail, and rumors.

The Prince and the Pervert: we talk about the shocking truth behind a global criminal conspiracy. We also look at who helped Jeffrey Epstein.

Stay up to date on all on everything in this case.

Ghislaine Maxwell family
Ghislaine Maxwell

A Criminal Conspiracy that Shocked the World

We cover every aspect of this sensational story. From the birth of Ghislaine’s father Robert Maxwell in the former Czechoslovakia.

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