US v Maxwell Judge Rejects Ghislaine Maxwell Bid for Trial Secrecy

US v Maxwell: A judge in New York today denied a request for secrecy in the case against alleged child sex trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell.

The application for secret juror questionnaires was made by the jailed socialite’s lawyers and was rejected by district court judge Alison Nathan.

US v Maxwell: Full details here

The request garnered significant public opposition this week because it was seen as a threat to freedom of speech.

Maxwell Court Trial

The trial is scheduled to begin Nov. 29. Judge Nathan said she will conduct the questioning of would-be jurors on Nov. 16 through 19.

She cited the media’s First Amendment right to court access in that ruling.

US v Maxwell
Ghislaine Maxwell

US v Maxwell

She also denied a bid by Maxwell’s lawyers to have attorneys question those would-be jurors.

Instead, the judge herself will conduct that questioning, which, like the public filing of jury questionnaires, is the norm in Manhattan federal court.

US v Maxwell – Who is Ghislaine, the Lady of the House

Ghislaine Maxwell was allegedly Epstein’s alleged chief conspirator and was at his side from the early 90s until he was jailed in Florida in 2008. 
She was arrested by US authorities in Bradford, New Hampshire, on July 2, 2020.

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US v Maxwell
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US v Maxwell

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