Jeffrey Epstein Steve Bannon Chilling Interview

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Jeffrey Epstein Steve Bannon: Dead pedophile Jeffrey Epstein can be seen in a chilling new clip praising Time’s Up and talking the dangers of prison solitary confinement.

The film, The Monsters, is the work of Donald Trump’s now arrested former advisor Steve Bannon, who is seen here interviewing Epstein.

“I made my living from old thinking. But the future is for the way women think,” he said.

Bannon counters Epstein’s claim was just “a sop” to excuse “all of the depravity you’ve done against young women.”

“No, I’ve been — I’ve always believed that women will be, in fact, be able to take over,” Epstein responds in the clip, which was obtained by The Post.

No, I’ve been — I’ve always believed that women will be, in fact, be able to take over. I’m a firm believer and supporter of Time’s Up.”

Steve Bannon Jeffrey Epstein

Epstein died in the federal Metropolitan Correctional Center in Manhattan in 2919, also discussed the impact on prisoners of being locked up alone.

“The greatest threat to people put in solitary confinement is they try to kill themselves,” he said presciently.

“Imagine that. You’re only in a room for 24 hours, you start to go crazy.”

Epstein also corrects Bannon when he asks about the pedophile’s island.

“Two islands,” said Epstein.

Steve Bannon Jeffrey Epstein

According to Rolling Stone: ”A former Epstein associate…recalled being introduced to Bannon at Epstein’s Manhattan home.

He was the main person that [Epstein] would brag about to literally everyone. It wasn’t a secret,” this person said.

Epstein “loved having this ‘one famous person’ around that he would talk about and introduce to everyone. Almost like [he was] using Bannon to get more people to accept him. That’s my sense.”

Steve Bannon Jeffrey Epstein
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According to Too Famous, a new book by journalist Michael Wolff, Epstein and Bannon had been introduced in 2017. The two had bonded, in part, “out of a shared incredulity about Donald Trump,” Wolff writes.

Jeffrey Epstein Steve Bannon

Bannon liked to compare notes with Epstein and “was often astonished by what Epstein knew.”

Sex offender Jeffrey Epstein advocating for women only to be a Pedophile himself! Now I have seen everything.

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Epstein Recruiter

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