Leon Black Jeffrey Epstein: Mr Ruthless His Fall from Grace

Leon Black Jeffrey Epstein: Another of dead financier Jeffrey Epstein’s friends is fighting renewed sexual abuse allegations.

Of all the number crunchers in all the cities in the entire world, finance mogul Leon Black engaged Jeffrey Epstein, a college dropout who was sacked from Bear Stearns.

Updated: November 29, 2022: The man known on Wall Street as “Mr Ruthless” now faces a new set of sexual misconduct allegations.

Even though Epstein is dead, Microsoft billionaire Bill Gates and Leon Black must now rue the day they came across him, like another of his friends, Prince Andrew.

Their links to the dead pedophile are causing them drama every which way. For Mr Black, it’s another rape allegation and for Mr Gates it is a messy divorce and a rather bizarre interview on PBS.

Epstein’s Private Calendar Leak

It’s starting to sound like in every billionaire’s marriage, there was a Jeffrey Epstein.

Mr Black denies the latest claims by a woman who said he raped her two decades ago in the late sex offender Jeffrey Epstein’s Manhattan mansion.

Cheri Pierson said she had been a cash-strapped single mother who had already given Epstein five massages for $300 each, when the financier arranged in the spring of 2002 for her to massage Black for $300. She said Black, who was eight inches taller and weighed more than twice as much, without her consent physically overwhelmed her and caused “excruciating pain” in their encounter on the third floor of Epstein’s home.

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The former head of Apollo Global Management, Leon Black, was forced to step down from the hedge fund he founded after the initial news broke of his links to Epstein.

Leon Black Jeffrey Epstein

According to Vanity Fair, billionaire Leon Black “viewed Epstein as someone who was very intelligent and knowledgeable regarding issues relating to estate planning and taxation,” the publication reported.

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Allegations in lawsuit against Black

According to The New York Post: ”The Manhattan District Attorney’s Office has reportedly opened a criminal probe into billionaire Leon Black over allegations he raped two models.

The investigation, revealed by two sources to Vanity Fair, focuses on claims in a civil suit filed by a Russian model who accuses the 70-year-old financier of sexual assault.

Guzel Ganieva alleged in June 2022 that Black, the former CEO of Apollo Global Management, raped her in 2014.”

Leon Black Jeffrey Epstein

As well, Ms Ganieva amended her suit to include claims by another woman that Black had raped her in Epstein’s townhouse in 2002.

According to Black’s representatives in Vanity Fair: “As we have previously stated, Mr. Black has provided substantial documentary evidence in legal filings, including text messages and recordings, that show Ms. Ganieva’s claims to be completely false,

Jeffrey Epstein Podcast image-8 Leon Black Jeffrey Epstein: Mr Ruthless His Fall from Grace

In addition, we have been in contact with the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office and provided detailed evidence of Ms. Ganieva’s extortion of Mr. Black.”

Nice try, Leon. 
You must think we are pretty stupid, gullible, or insane to believe the tale you spun to Dechert, the Wall Street law firm, about your decades-long involvement with Jeffrey Epstein, the late convicted pedophile. Well I, for one, am not buying it, not any of it, and neither are many other smart Wall Streeters. “What a sad tale of sycophants,” was the way one longtime Wall Street banker explained it to me. Added a Wall Street lawyer, “It’s preposterous.” 

Vanity Fair

In a massive fall from grace, Black was forced to step down from Apollo after an internal investigation found he paid Epstein $158 million in fees between 2012 and 2017.

The payments to Epstein were for “tax advice” and “estate planning” and it was also revealed the two had regular breakfast meetings.

Most recently, Mr Black was last night seen in New York City out on the town with his wife, Deborah, who is a theatre director.

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