Epstein Paris Apartment Selling For $18mil

Jeffrey Epstein’s Paris apartment, which played host to countless VIPs has been quietly put on the market by Sotheby’s for $18million.

While the agency denied it was the dead pedophile’s apartment, The Prince and the Pervert Podcast matched the listing’s pictures to photos taken by Epstein’s butler Valdson Cotrin.

As a result we can reveal:

  • The butler saw Bill Gates and Prince Andrew at Jeffrey Epstein’s Paris flat
  • The Avenue Foch, where the apartment is located, is one of the most exclusive addresses in Paris
  • See inside the $18million flat owned by pervert Jeffrey Epstein

Firstly, (below images) is a wide view of the lounge room, and there is a butler’s selfie in the same room.

More photos and full coverage

Jeffrey Epstein Paris Apartment

It is located on Avenue Foch, one of the most exclusive addresses in all of Paris, and it’s also where Jeffrey Epstein lived during his frequent stays.

Jeffrey Epstein Paris Apartment
A view up Avenue Foch, one of the most expensive streets in Paris.

Moreover, he hosted VIPs at the luxury in the 16th arrondissement, near the Arc de Triomphe.

Prince Andrew was a frequent visitor, plus another butler said he’d hosted Bill Gates and wife Melinda at the home.

Another photo angle in the lounge room. Note to the left that chair with hot pink fabric under the statue on the wall and to the right of the fire place.

Jeffrey Epstein Paris Apartment

Now look at the butler’s photos.

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Jeffrey Epstein Apartment

We’ve all heard the stories of how Ghislaine Maxwell went mad decorating in the New York Mansion. Was she actually behind the red leather padded walls of the office?

Jeffrey Epstein Paris Apartment

Moreover, see the dining room. Note that gold chandelier and the open back chairs. Now have a look at the butler’s pictures.

Jeffrey Epstein Paris Apartment
Real estate image
Jeffrey Epstein Apartment
Epstein’s Butler
Jeffrey Epstein Paris

Paris Epstein Butler

Jeffrey Epstein Paris Apartment

The interior design is ummm interesting. Just check out that paint job. Is this the office off the main bedroom?

Jeffrey Epstein Paris Apartment


Jeffrey Epstein Paris Apartment

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