Ghislaine Maxwell’s Siblings – Who Are They?

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Bankruptcies, Court Cases, Missing Spouses & Rumours of Spyware

Ghislaine Maxwell siblings
Ghislaine Maxwell

Ghislaine Maxwell Siblings: The seven living offspring of the notorious fraudster Robert Maxwell and his wife Elisabeth are never far from trouble.

In fact, since their father died in the ocean off Spain in 1991, there has certainly never been a dull moment in the family.

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And wait until you read about their parents…

Over the years, Maxwell offspring have racked up bankruptcies, a spate of failed businesses, and mountains of unpaid debt.

Here is a picture of the clan circa 2019.

Ghislaine Maxwell Siblings

From the youngest of the family, who is sitting in jail awaiting trial for sex trafficking charges, to the twin sister who married a serial fraudster who “disappeared” in 2015,there has been nothing but drama.

ghislaine maxwell brothers

One of the brothers, Kevin, has been declared bankrupt at least twice. He was charged and eventually acquitted of charges relating to the collapse of his father’s fraudulent empire.

Ghislaine Maxwell Brothers

In the 1990s, Kevin was declared the biggest personal bankruptcy in British history. He had debts of £406m.

As well, his brother Ian was also caught in the collapse of their father’s Mirror Group.

Moreover, The Times reported this year Ian and Kevin Maxwell, were linked to a controversial Jersey-based trust named St. John’s Manor.

“The La Hougue documents describe “unusual, circular debt arrangements” which “shed light on their “opaque finances”, the report said.

Ghislaine Maxwell Siblings

A spokesperson for the Maxwells told the Times: “Neither Ian nor Kevin has any unaided recollection of La Hougue and certainly were not involved as investors, shareholders, directors, agents or representatives.

According to The Guardian: ”In 2011, he (Kevin) was banned from running a company for eight years following an investigation by the Insolvency Service.

He told the Sunday Times: “I have been in voluntary arrangements at least three times when things have looked dicey.”

Ghislaine Maxwell siblings
The other son-in-law Scott Borgerson with Ghislaine

Twins Isabel and Christine helped co-found Magellan, a search engine, with Isabel’s then-husband, David Hayden.

Isabel Maxwell
Isabel Maxwell

The sisters appear in Michael Wolff’s book on startups, Burn Rate.Wolff describes Isabel as having something ”hair shirt” about her. Christine as “more commanding than her sister,” but both Maxwells are memorable characters. Isabel’s first question to the author was ”did you know my father?”

Both sisters seem to have remained in software and technology. Christine is a doctoral candidate in the humanities department at the University of Texas at Dallas, and continues to consult for internet companies.

Ghislaine Maxwell Siblings

In a 1997 interview, Isabel credits her sister with coming up with “the idea of reviewing and rating.”

According to The Cut: ”The Maxwell twins’ husbands have truly bizarre histories, which has led observers to point out that they share Ghislaine’s association with powerful and unconventional men. Christine was married to Roger Malina, an astrophysicist at the University of Texas, whose father, Frank Malina, was also a scientist. Malina, the Daily Beast reveals, hung out in California with the likes of Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard and rocket engineer Jack Parsons, occultists and transhumanists (a strange echo of Jeffrey Epstein’s friends in similar academic and business circles).

And Isabel’s romantic history might be the strangest. First, she married the son of Carl Djerassi, a scientist who invented the birth-control pill. Her third husband, Al Seckel, was a con man and “optical illusionist” who befriended scientists and academics despite not having a degree in those fields himself (sound familiar?); he co-founded a group called the Southern California Skeptics that investigated science’s relationship to the paranormal. Seckel and Isabel moved to France at some point in 2010, according to reports, where they lived in a château and “acquired thousands of stone-age tools to sell in the U.S.”

Ghislaine Maxwell Brothers

According to an excellent article in Tablet: ”Seckel first met Isabel Maxwell on a blind date. They married around 2007—“I don’t keep the dates in my head,” he told the reporter.

But Seckel was already “wedded” to two women and the twin daughter of Robert Maxwell.

At some point, he met Epstein and the two reportedly bonded over their mutual love of science.

Al hosted a “scientific conference” on Jeffrey Epstein’s private island and by all accounts was close to the dead pedophile.

Ghislaine Maxwell Siblings

If you dig back into the web archive, there is a blogpost of a pretentious discussion between Epstein & Seckel. The billionaire had a website back in the day, in an attempt to rehabilitate his image.

As debts and vendettas grew against Seckel, he fled America. He arrived in France with Isabel, who was eventually declared bankrupt in the UK. Seckel left behind a string of debt, court actions and a bankruptcy.

According to Tablet: ”It is remarkably easy to find people who believe Seckel took their money.”

Seckel died in 2015 under mysterious circumstances. Reports said he fell off a cliff near his French chateau. His death remains shrouded in mystery and there are people who believe he is alive.

The other mystery son-in-law

Robert Maxwell’s daughter Isabel and spouse Al Seckel

Robert Maxwell

Everything you need to know about Epstein’s magician by Undeceive, Tom McIver.

Mr Tom McIver contacted us after seeing our post on Seckel. He told us this about the fraudster:

Many people who knew him still believe he faked his death, while others speculate suicide or even murder. All information about his disappearance and alleged death has come from Isabel, directly or indirectly.

Tom McIver, Undecieve

Mr McIver knew Seckle and in the 1980s the fraudster attempted unsuccessfully to sue the researcher.

Robert Maxwell

Robert Maxwell & daughter Isabel 

Al fled America with Isabel Maxwell and left behind a string of debt, court actions and a bankruptcy.

According to Tablet: ”It is remarkably easy to find people who believe Seckel took their money.”

Ghislaine Maxwell Siblings

Moreover, The Maxwell family has an unfortunate history when it comes to sudden and unexpected deaths. 

Finally, there is some good news, two of the siblings are today living their lives outside of the spotlight.

Ghislaine Maxwell brothers

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