Ghislaine Maxwell Breaking News: The judge is NOT having it.

Who is Jeffrey Epstein

Court Says No to Bail Again

Ghislaine Maxwell Breaking News: Four times now, Ghislaine Maxwell has been denied bail and it seems like there are no breaks in sight until her trial starts.

The judge presiding over her sex trafficking case, Allison Nathan, refers specifically to the inmate and her potential flight risk.

Ghislaine Maxwell Breaking News

In other news, Prince Andrew was allegedly videoed on Epstein’s island, according to a new documentary.

Plus once again we dig out receipts to prove that Jeffrey Epstein’s Paris home is for sale by Sothebys.

Ghislaine Maxwell Breaking News
Epstein’s Paris Butler

Jeffrey Epstein Paris Apartment

It is located on Avenue Foch, one of the most exclusive addresses in all of Paris, and it’s also where Jeffrey Epstein lived during his frequent stays.

Jeffrey Epstein Paris Apartment
A view up Avenue Foch, one of the most expensive streets in Paris.

He hosted VIPs at the luxury in the 16th arrondissement, near the Arc de Triomphe.

Prince Andrew was a frequent visitor, plus another butler said he’d hosted Bill Gates and wife Melinda.

We can reveal: 

  • The butler saw Bill Gates and Prince Andrew at Jeffrey Epstein’s Paris flat
  • The Avenue Foch, the most exclusive address in all Paris
  • See inside the $18million flat owned by pervert Jeffrey Epstein

Ghislaine Maxwell Breaking News

And what about Jeffrey Epstein’s sole heir Mark Epstein? His property woes at the model apartments in Manhattan.

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Ghislaine Maxwell Breaking News


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