Epstein Recruiters: Who’s Set to Stare Down Ghislaine Maxwell

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Exclusive Epstein Recruiters The Prince and the Pervert Podcast has found the biggest hint yet about what may happen at Ghislaine Maxwell’s sex trafficking trial.

A small oversight in paperwork submitted by Maxwell’s legal team has given us a whole lot of new information. 

Moreover, one of these Palm Beach Epstein Recruiters was part of the dead financier’s inner circle.

So which of the Epstein core four assistants is set to stare down Ghislaine Maxwell?

The name on the paperwork is “Ms Salazar”, who is almost certainly Adriana Salazar, previously known as Adriana Ross and Adriana Mucinska.

In the oversight, her name was not redacted from documents discussing the testimonies of Maxwell’s three alleged coconspirators, see below.

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At first, Adriana Salazar was a Polish model with stars in her eyes when she arrived in America around 2000.

Screenshot from Model Flat YouTube video

In 2002, she appeared in a Fashion TV reality show called Model Flat. She can be seen entering the model flat in this clip.

Epstein Recruiters

It was around this time that she became one of the core four coconspirators who recruited or facilitated the trafficking of girls for Jeffrey Epstein.

How do we know this? Adriana, who was then known as Adriana Ross, was listed as one of four coconspirators on the notorious Epstein plea deal, brokered by controversial lawyer Alan Dershovitz.

A team of four core females and a few key men allegedly enabled the dead billionaire’s nefarious desires.

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She actually met her ex-husband, Duncan Ross, in Europe when he headed up Fashion TV in Florida.

He is now known as Dr Duncan Ross after a radical career change saw him start a biotechnology company, where works in stem-cell research.

And he is on YouTube talking about lab-grown virgins.

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As well, she was at the centre of claims she allegedly removed some of Epstein’s computers before a law enforcement raid, according to statements made to police.

In fact, when police raided Epstein’s Palm Beach home, they found signs of computers but not all of the hardware.  

Adriana Salazar, according to Epstein staff, had managed to get the technology out of the house before authorities arrived.

Following this, she has been hiding in plain sight in Miami, Florida, since Epstein died in a New York prison in 2019.

Epstein Recruiters
Adriana Mucinska, later Ross, now Salazar. Source: Agent Hades Twitter

Epstein Recruiters

The last public sighting of her was in 2019 when she fled the media in tears outside a church in Miami.

Notably, her name crops up in Epstein-related legal depositions over the years but, as Agent Hades states, Adriana has yet to say anything publicly.

Epstein Recruiters

Moreover, who is she? Find out on this episode of The Prince and the Pervert.

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