Listen to Ghislaine Maxwell Trial

Listen to Ghislaine Maxwell Trial

Want to Listen to Ghislaine Maxwell Trial? The answer is you can’t unfortunately due to a court order. But we have daily, rolling reporting on the case that is shocking the world.

But The Prince and the Pervert Podcast will keep you in the know.

Ghislaine Maxwell Trial 2021

The date has arrived for the trial of the former British socialite, Ghislaine Maxwell, on sex trafficking charges.

It started in New York City on November 29 and was expected to go for six weeks.

Moreover, it is already dubbed one of the trials of the century. But it hasn’t really lived up to that promise.

Listen to Ghislaine Maxwell trial
Ghislaine Maxwell, artist’s representation

First, find out here who the jailed UK socialite is, and learn why she is telling people she may take the stand.

Plus: who is set to testify against Ghislaine Maxwell

Why Can’t You Listen to Ghislaine Maxwell Trial?

Despite protests from Inner City Press, the court order was imposed by Judge Allison Nathan, who is presiding over the sex trafficking case.

gislane maxwell trial

The disgraced British socialite was arrested by authorities in New Hampshire, on July 2, 2020.

How could Ghislaine, the Oxford-educated daughter of disgraced British media mogul Robert Maxwell, have been arrested and charged with sex trafficking?

Some of the answers are in her past. It’s a long history of her family’s shady business dealings, hiding from the media, posting bail, and rumours.

The Prince and the Pervert tells the story behind the headlines.

This is the news source that helps you make sense of Ghislaine Maxwell.

Listen to Ghislaine Maxwell Trial

It is alleged Maxwell was Epstein’s chief conspirator and was at his side for almost two decades. 

Stay up to date on all of the latest news in this case with our updates and analysis from an unbiased perspective.


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