Is Ghislaine Maxwell Guilty

Is Ghislaine Maxwell Guilty: Covid is looming as a potential player in the jury deliberations at British socialite Ghislaine Maxwell’s US sex trafficking trial.

Update: US v Maxwell Verdict. Maxwell Guilty

While jurors have assured the court they are making progress, there was still no verdict on day four of the deliberations.

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Is Ghislaine Maxwell Guilty

Maxwell is accused of being involved in coercing underage girls into becoming sex slaves for Jeffrey Epstein’s circle of high-profile friends. She has pleaded not guilty to four counts.

As well, jury asked for permission to leave at 5pm today Monday, December 28, New York time.

The judge approved the request but with a warning about the covid surge in the City.

District Court Justice Alison Nathan empathised the jury might not be done until New Year’s Eve or even New Year’s Day, due to the risks posed by covid causing a mistrial.

Is Ghislaine Maxwell Guilty​
Is Ghislaine Maxwell Guilty?

Maxwell has pleaded not guilty to four charges, including conspiracy and trafficking.

She was one of the dead billionaire Jeffrey Epstein’s inner circle, according to prosecutors, who accuse her of recruiting young girls and women for sex traffIcking.

Ghislaine Maxwell Jury: We Need More From Judge, Definition of “Entice”

Meanwhile, also on Monday, Maxwell jurors issued more questions to the court and also requested more transcripts of testimonies, as they ended their third full day of deliberations without reaching a verdict.

They also asked for a white board and different coloured sticky notes, as well as the transcript of the testimony of one of the witnesses, indicating that they may still have work to do before coming to a decision.

Finally, they also sought a definition of the word “entice” from Judge Nathan.

Plus the latest in US v Maxwell:

  • Her lawyers also wanted to exclude testimony about the “Epstein” black book
  • Could the book testimony blow the lid off the Jeffrey Epstein sexual abuse scandal
  • What did Jeffrey Epstein do with his copy?
  • Plus witnesses minor victims 5 & 6 were worried their identities being revealed.

Previously: Latest documents from Maxwell’s legal teams show they were coming for survivors. It is legal but is it ethical?

During the trial, in the Maxwell lawyers’ sights is the testimony of minor victim number 3 in the case of US v Maxwell.

Lawyers say Exhibit 52, the address book from the Palm Beach mansion, should be excluded because it was not authenticated and could not be considered federal evidence.

Is Ghislaine Maxwell Guilty

They stated the witness who was called to testify was employed by Epstein, had worked for him after the address book was taken from his Palm Beach mansion.

The black book was removed by a fired employee and could not be authenticated, they wrote to the court.

ghislaine maxwell cases
Ghislaine Maxwell

But the Government said there were many black books that were widely distributed.

What’s the possible flaw in this motion?

Plus is Ghislaine Maxwell is being treated worse than a death row inmate? That’s her family’s view.

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Is Ghislaine Maxwell Guilty

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ghislaine maxwell cases

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