Maxwell’s Father and His Terrifying History of War Crimes

Maxwell’s Father War Crimes: When notorious media mogul Robert Maxwell died in 1991 in the sea off Spain, he was facing war crimes allegations from WW2.

Just when you thought the disgraced publisher couldn’t get any more repulsive, records from 2006 revealed an investigation was underway into his conduct as a British Army captain.

Ghislaine Maxwell’s Father “War Crimes”

In summary:

  1. In 1991, Ghislaine Maxwell’s father was accused of war crimes
  2. Ghislaine Maxwell was a member of Jeffrey Epstein’s inner circle and the daughter of British publishing mogul Robert Maxwell
  3. One allegation concerning Maxwell senior was about the death of an unarmed German mayor
  4. Robert Maxwell’s passing is still shrouded in mystery and some believe that it may have been murder
  5. He stole money from the Mirror Group pension fund that he had set up for his employees
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Robert Maxwell

Ghislaine Maxwell’s Father “War Crimes”

An investigation by The Independent revealed Maxwell was alleged to have shot an unarmed mayor of a German town.

It said in 1991, Maxwell knew he faced a life sentence “for murdering an unarmed German civilian lent support to the theory that he took his own life in 1991.”

The revelation was obtained under British Freedom of Information documents obtained by the newspaper. It was another of Maxwell Senior’s scandals.

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Ghislaine Maxwell’s Father “War Crimes”

“A Metropolitan Police file released to The Independent under the Freedom of Information Act shows that, weeks before he died, detectives had begun questioning members of Maxwell’s platoon and were preparing a case for the Crown Prosecution Service,” a report by The Independent said.

Maxwell was alleged to have killed an unarmed German civilian. The shooting, which is said to have happened on 2 April 1945, was first disclosed by Maxwell’s authorised biographer, Joe Haines, in 1988.

It was something Maxwell was proud of and spoke openly about

In the Haines book, Maxwell was quoted as describing how he tried to capture a German town by threatening the population with a mortar bombardment, a tactic that had proved successful on a nearby village hours earlier.

According to The Independent: ”In a letter to his wife…Maxwell recounts how he asked some Germans to fetch (a) mayor. He ordered the mayor to go back to town and tell the soldiers defending it to surrender or face destruction. One hour later the mayor returned, saying the soldiers had agreed to his demands.

“But as soon as we marched off a German tank opened fire on us,” Maxwell wrote. “Luckily, he missed, so I shot the mayor and withdrew.”

But we will never know the truth because Maxwell died before the claims were investigated.

Ghislaine Maxwell Siblings: The seven living offspring of the notorious fraudster Robert Maxwell are followed by trouble.

In fact, there has not been a dull moment in the family.

And wait until you read about their parents…

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