Ghislaine Maxwell Cases: Who’s Feeling Heat From Her Trial?

Ghislaine Maxwell Cases: Who are the mystery and not-so-secret VIPs and staffers who were in Jeffrey Epstein’s orbit?

To date, we have seen zero legal accountability for the rich and famous friends of Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein.

Ghislaine Maxwell Cases

Some have denied knowing him, others have said nothing, and one may be getting a divorce as a result of the scandal.

As for the staffers, most of them have been unable to answer questions in a deposition.

Except on day four of the trial

Ghislaine Maxwell Cases
Countess Clare Iveagh (left) and Dr Eva Andersson-Dubin

Ghislaine Maxwell Cases – Who are the VIPs and Epstein staffers:

  • Prince Andrew, Duke of York, Queen Elizabeth’s son. The man who couldn’t sweat, pizza aficionado and one who never takes the “chicken’s way out”. He is being sued by Epstein survivor Virginia Giuffre for alleged assaults in the UK, US and the Virgin Islands.
  • Sarah Kellen Vickers, Maxwell’s alleged second-in-charge in Palm Beach, Florida. A self-described, two-time cult victim, child bride, Nascar wife , and interior designer.
  • Lesley Taylor Groff: Worked for Epstein for 20 years, they were “mind-melded”, according to the New York Times. The former secretary is now a mum in Connecticut.
  • Leon Black, Another of dead financier Jeffrey Epstein’s billionaire friends is fighting misconduct allegations and is under being sued for alleged sexual assaults. The former head of Apollo Global Management was forced to step down from the hedge fund he founded after news broke of his links to Epstein.
  • Dr Eva Andersson-Dubin & Glenn Dubin: Virginia Guiffre made allegations about both Dubins. The Epstein whistleblower alleged she was sent by Epstein to Glenn Dubin for sex, while under the age of consent. She has described the couple as “evil”. The billionaires are denying claims made by the Epstein survivor.
  • Emmy Tayler, British actress, was allegedly described by Maxwell as her “slave.” Has reportedly fled England due to the Maxwell arrest.
  • Countess Clare Iveagh is divorcing an Irish brewing heir, who is one of the richest men in the UK, Earl Edward Guinness. Flight logs from Epstein’s planes show she travelled more than 30 times on his jets.
  • Les Wexner, whose relationship with Epstein was beyond weird, gave him the New York mansion. The billionaire founded Victoria’s Secret and was alleged to have assaulted Virginia Giuffre.

On the subject of the Ghislaine Maxwell cases, there will be more names to come, so join us for part two tomorrow.

Ghislaine Maxwell Cases
The photo that shocked the world

It is alleged Maxwell was Epstein’s chief co-conspirator and was at his side for almost two decades.

Find out here she is and learn why she is telling people she may take the stand.

Plus: who is set to testify against Ghislaine Maxwell

Ghislaine Maxwell Cases

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