Ghislaine Maxwell Court Victim Testimony: Is It Game Over?

Ghislaine Maxwell Court The trial of British heiress Ghislaine Maxwell has heard heartbreaking allegations that she and blackmailer Jeffrey Epstein groomed a girl from the age of 14 before systematically abusing her.

“I was frozen in fear,” the woman known as Jane told the court of her first alleged assault.

She testified: “I was terrified and felt gross and felt ashamed.”

Ghislaine Maxwell Court

Ghislaine Maxwell Court

Prosecutor Alison Moe asked Jane : “Who was most frequently in the room when you had sexual contact with Jeffrey Epstein when you were 14 years old?”

“Ghislaine Maxwell,” Jane said.

But Maxwell’s counsel Bobbi Sternheim asked the woman why it took twenty years for her to report the alleged assaults.

As well Sternheim, focused on her career as an adult. She described Jane as an actress and singer who had performed in commercials, sitcoms, and movies, and who today is in a soap opera.

“She is a pro at playing roles,” Ms. Sternheim said.

The New York Times said the lawyer asserted Jane had changed her story to obtain millions of dollars in compensation from a fund established for Epstein’s victims.

Ghislaine Maxwell Court

If the jury believes it, it could be “game over” for Maxwell. How Maxwell’s legal team will try to undermine this testimony is becoming apparent.

Ghislaine Maxwell court

Can Maxwell Recover from the Heartbreaking Testimony?

Minor victim one’s appearance in New York today is a potentially important portion of the case. She is is the first of four women whom prosecutors have presented as underage victims of Maxwell.

Ghislaine Maxwell trial: the big names shaking in their boots?

Who are the mystery and not-so-secret VIPs and staffers who were in Jeffrey Epstein’s orbit?

Ghislaine Maxwell Court

To date, we have seen zero legal accountability for the rich and famous friends of Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein. 

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Some have denied knowing Jeffrey Epstein, others have said nothing, and one may be getting a divorce as a result of the scandal.

As for the staffers, most of them have been unable to answer questions in a deposition.

Except for Epstein’s pilot, who told the court he saw nothing untoward on Epstein’s plane but did recall the victim’s blue eyes and large chest, so he thought she was an adult.

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