Butler: Maxwell Made Me Do Degrading Jobs Juan Alessi

Juan Alessi: In a bombshell testimony today in the trial of alleged sex trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell, Jeffrey Epstein’s former butler said he was ordered by her to undertake humiliating work.

Update Testimony continued day five

Juan Alessi
Artist representation of Ghislaine Maxwell in court

Juan Alessi told the court in New York City his job included cleaning sex toys and back massagers from Epstein’s ”massage” room.

“I am sorry to say it was very degrading to me,” Juan Alessi said. “I wasn’t hired to do that kind of work.”

In the graphic testimony, he said he had to clean up large dildos and vibrators after “massage” sessions at the Palm Beach mansion.

In addition, Alessi stated he found porn tapes and a black leather costume in Maxwell’s bathroom.

He said one dildo was “a huge man’s penis with two heads”. According to The Daily Mail, it was not certain that it was the twin torpedo referred to by prosecutors in pre trial findings.

“The sex toys were returned to Maxwell’s closet in her bathroom inside of a wicker basket. As well on three or four other times he found two other sex toys, one that looked like a pillow and another look like an arm which had a rubber vibrating part at the end of it. He put those items in Epstein’s dresser,” Mail Online reported.

In another bombshell, Juan Alessi confirmed Maxwell was at the dead billionaire’s Florida house with Epstein 95% of the time.

As well, he would often see topless women lounging by Epstein’s pool.

Ghislaine, he said, was “the lady of the house”, who had a notebook that had Lady Ghislaine in black emblazoned across it.

This testimony backs up some of the claims made yesterday by Jane, minor victim one on the indictment.

Juan Alessi said he also remembered meeting the woman in the court as Jane and the whistleblower Virginia Giuffre.

According to The Sydney Morning Herald, the butler portrayed an imperious Maxwell, who let ”it be known that she was the lady of the house, and handing out a 58 page booklet with rules for staff on everything from how to address her and Epstein to what types of notepads to put on their desks”.

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