Transcript of Ghislaine Maxwell Case Leaked to Men’s Rights Activist

Hear it Ghislaine Maxwell Trial 2021

Transcripts of this week’s testimonies in the Ghislaine Maxwell sex trafficking case are being leaked to a man leading a smear campaign against an Epstein survivor.

The records are being put in the hands of a men’s rights activist from the UK. He has been targeting for months Epstein whistleblower Virginia Giuffre.

Ghislaine Maxwell Trial 2021
Artist: Ghislaine Maxwell Trial 2021

But someone is passing on expensive leaking legal information to this so-called journalist so he can continue his campaign of slander and harassment against Epstein whistleblower Giuffre.

They include the opening statement day 1 and Jane’s examination from Day 3.

Ghislaine Maxwell Trial 2021

At the same time, the man is hyping up these transcripts on his website and foreshadowing interviews with one of the Maxwell brothers.

And the controversial lawyer, Alan Dershowitz, who has told the court in another case he’s dying and unable to assist the court in another matter, is also scheduled for an interview.

Interesting Dershowitz is now able to speak to this men’s rights activist (with his own a checkered past) on his podcast.

We believe legal resources shouldn’t be used to harass survivors. The integrity of the legal system is everything.

So what will we do? We are going to narrate the transcripts here and call him out. We won’t name him because he seeks attention.

Gillan Maxwell

And we’re going to emphasize what to us with some of the more compelling moments of the week. Because at the end of the day, this is not about one man’s obsessive hatred of Virginia Roberts.

It’s about documenting and getting to the truth. So if this means we have to steal his thunder, we will.

Because it’s about time this bullshit was called out for what it actually is.

Ghislaine Maxwell Trial 2021

It’s the continuous, decades-long harassment of survivors.
Transcripts of court proceedings shouldn’t be used to try and undermine the judicial process.

Gillan Maxwell
Alan Dershovitz Locked in Battle with Giuffre

Plus, you have got to ask yourself, why the Maxwell family is giving this guy podcast interviews. He’s not even a journalist. He just doesn’t like women in our opinion.

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Ghislaine Maxwell Trial 2021

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