Ghislaine Maxwell Lawyers Behaving Badly

Ghislaine Maxwell Lawyers: Week one of Ghislaine Maxwell’s trial has been a doozy.

Ghislaine Maxwell Lawyers

According to Bloomberg: “Attorney Jeffrey Pagliuca revealed the first name of Ghislaine Maxwell’s accuser…despite repeated warnings from Judge Alison Nathan to maintain the alleged victim’s anonymity.

The accuser — who has been going by the pseudonym “Jane” — has already had the real names of her siblings revealed by a different Maxwell attorney, Laura Menninger. Jane’s last name was also disclosed, when she accidentally said it aloud after being asked by Menninger to read out a letter.”

We are sure this isn’t intentional. No, surely not.

Another of Ghislaine Maxwell’s attorneys had a bro moment with Epstein’s pilot over the size of minor victim one’s breasts. I kid you not.

Ghislaine Maxwell Lawyers
Source: Inner City Press

Ghislaine Maxwell Lawyer Christian Everdell actually said that sh$t. The girl was 14 at the time.

As for Larry Visoski, Epstein’s aviator of 20 years, he remains Team Epstein all the way.

He even wore his slippers that matched a pair the dead blackmailer once owned.

Ghislaine Maxwell Lawyers

Soon after Everdell tried to tell the court that Epstein was just a man with back pain, who cared for Larry’s daughters.

The pilot’s girls used to go horse riding in New Mexico with Ghislaine Maxwell, who also advised on interior decoration for the Visoski ranch house given to him by Epstein.

Most of the defence plays have been gross and misogynistic but I suppose they believe they must through everything at this case.

I think I am going to have to spray myself with Glen 20 every time they pull this caper.

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Ghislaine Maxwell Lawyers

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