Ghislaine Maxwell Case: ‘gave schoolgirl outfit to Epstein victim’

Epstein victim

Ghislaine Maxwell Case Day 6: Ghislaine Maxwell’s trial is in full swing in New York City for the start of the second week. Jen Tarran is covering it for you.

  • The school girl costume seized from one of Epstein’s homes is being discussed
  • It seems that this may be admissible
  • Day 6 of the trials starts today with “Kate”, the female who was known on the indictment as minor victim three.

The first witness today was a woman called ‘Kate’, who is testifying without being identified and has been described as a singer and musician, before meeting Maxwell in Paris through an ex-boyfriend.

She saw the socialite for the next time at her London townhouse, where she was asked for a massage by Epstein while he was naked.

Ghislaine Maxwell Case Day 6

Kate said she believed Maxwell and Epstein were together, boyfriend and girlfriend. 

Maxwell’s Belgravia house (below). The one where Prince Andrew was photographed with Virginia Roberts. 

Ghislaine Maxwell Case Day 6

Kate told the court Maxwell named dropped, including Prince Andrew, Donald Trump. 

Assistant US Attorney: What gifts did you receive from Maxwell?
Kate: A small black Prada bag for my 18th birthday. AUSA: After sex with Epstein?

Kate: Yes, after.

(Age of consent in the UK is 16 by the way). Kate also said she was taken to the US by Epstein.

Kate described the school girl outfit as:

  • a short skirt, white panties and white socks. 

She doesn’t go into the details of the sexual acts, per Judge’s order:

“She asked me if I had fun and told me I was such a good girl and told me I was one of his favourites.” 

Ghislaine Maxwell Case Day 6

In her early 20s Kate said she was taken to ‘Little St Jeffs’. She said she saw a blonde slim girl, “who seemed far younger than me at the time, very young”. 

And now the witness’s drug use of Kate comes up. The defence no doubt will argue that it would mean her memory is damaged or something similar. 

Kate says she was a heavy user of cocaine and ecstasy from the age of 17.

So Maxwell’s team is trying to rile up the jury about the money survivors received. As if being compensated for their trauma, being given money for therapy and to make up for loss of income, education and safety means that they are bad people or lying.

For those who haven’t twigged. Kate is the survivor formerly known as Minor victim 3.

Kate told the court Maxwell named dropped, including Prince Andrew, Donald Trump etc.

Defence lawyer Bobbi Sternheim grills her about her modelling for a lingerie company and being on a billboard. Her extraordinary ability visa to the US Sternheim, #GhislaineMaxwell‘s attorney, asks if she was discovered by the musician Seal.
Kate, says No.

Also asked about a previous relationship with an older, prominent gentleman who was an Oxford classmate of Ghislaine, correct?
Kate: Yes.

Is that the introduction link? Sternheim: You were in a movie with a very well known UK actor, correct?
Kate: Yes

Ghislaine Maxwell Case Day 6

Jen comments: Ok – these questions I believe are about giving out enough info for people to work out who this woman is. Is this more intimidation? 

Now questions about the work she does now. A foundation for women who have trauma and substance abuse disorders.

Fact: sexual assault of any form is a traumatising event. It can and often does lead to substance abuse. Sternheim throwing more breadcrumbs out about the survivors identity.

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