Ghislaine Maxwell’s Trial: Hears She “took pictures of me nude”

Ghislaine Maxwell’s Trial: A witness named Carolyn told a court in New York today she was introduced to Epstein by survivor Virginia Giuffre “to give Epstein a massage and make money”.

Ghislaine Maxwell’s Trial: These Tweets are provided by our own Jen Tarran and Matthew from Inner City Press.

Testimony from Carolyn:

Ghislaine Maxwell’s Trial

Q: About how old were you the first time you went to Jeffrey Epstein’s house?
A: 14.

Carolyn: Maxwell came in and felt my boobs. She told me that I had a great body for Mr. Epstein and his friends. AUSA: How did that relate to your breast and hip size? Carolyn: She said I had a great body.

Ghislaine Maxwell’s Trial Victim “my soul is broken”.

AUSA: Would Ms. Maxwell ever pay you? Carolyn: Yes. She handed me three one hundred dollar bills

Carolyn: Maxwell said Jeffrey wanted my address. I got sent lingerie, concert tickets and a book called “Massage for Dummies.”

AUSA: Did you bring friends to Jeffrey Epstein’s house? Carolyn: Amanda Laslow, one year older than me.

Ghislane Maxwell’s Trial

AUSA: Did you later pawn an X-Box that wasn’t yours? Carolyn: I did. I did jail time. Then I did drug treatment and therapy. I take methadone and Xanax. And two others.

Ghislaine Maxwell’s Trial

Carolyn: I am constantly afraid of my children being trafficked.

AUSA: Are you in touch with the father? Carolyn: No, not since the X-Box pawn shop thing.

AUSA: Have you worked for an escort service and had sex with men for money? Carolyn: Sometimes.

Ghislaine Maxwell’s Trial: “Money will not ever fix what that woman has done to me,” Carolyn said.

AUSA: What did Maxwell do it you?

Carolyn: She took pictures of me nude, and the stuff with Epstein.

AUSA: Who decided who you would sue? Maxwell’s lawyer: Objection!

More tomorrow in the case of US v Maxwell.

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